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23 January 2019

Mini excavators have transformed the construction industry. These smaller and more nimble machines can access areas larger excavator can't. They can also be fitted with a wider range of attachments, are easier to use and to transport and are lighter on your budget. If you're deciding which equipment to hire for your next project, here Are 7 reasons why mini excavator hire could be ideal.

1. Better access

With their smaller size, narrower profile and lighter loads (weighing from less than a tonne up to 8 tonnes), mini excavators are highly manoeuvrable machines.

They can be positioned faster than larger excavators and are capable of squeezing into tighter spaces, working indoors and outdoors, and at height.

2. More flexibility

As well as reaching more areas, mini excavators can also perform a wider variety of tasks than larger machines when they have the right attachments – not only excavating, but also breaking up rocks and concrete, digging post holes and more.

You can also choose machines with wheels or tracks, depending on the surface you're working on. Tracks can prevent damage to softer ground but may be damaged by rougher terrain.

3. Multi-tasking

Switching between attachments enables a single mini excavator to perform a range of tasks without the need to hire extra equipment.

As well as being versatile machines themselves, mini excavators also work well alongside larger earthmoving equipment – for example, an excavator or wheel loader carrying away the dirt and debris created.

4. Easier to use

These smaller excavators are easier to get to grips with and less intimidating for new workers than a large and heavy earthmover. This helps to reduce training times.

Operators also have easier access in and out of the cab and better visibility, thanks to the offset arm.

5. Easier to transport

The smaller size and weight of mini excavators means they're much easier to transport to, from and around sites on a trailer or truck. This avoids the expense and logistics involved when moving larger equipment, as well as making them easier to store when not in use.

You can even find mini excavator and trailer packages to save on your equipment hire.

6. Less damage

Large excavators aren't the most graceful machines, and can sometimes cause unintended damage to structures as well as tearing up the ground.

By contrast, mini excavators are lighter on the ground, making them less likely to damage gardens, driveways and other surfaces. Many models have zero tail swing to avoid accidental damage in confined spaces.

7. Lower operating costs

Saving money shouldn't be your only consideration when choosing the best equipment for the job, but it always helps.

Not only is mini excavator hire cheaper than hiring a larger machine, you can also look forward to lower operating and training costs with improved efficiency and productivity.

Hire mini excavators today

Coates Hire has one of the largest fleets of mini excavators for hire in Australia, ranging from 0.8t to 8.0t with a variety of attachments and trailer packages available.

Find your local Coates Hire branch.


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