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Air Operated Breaker - Heavy

Code: 10465
Ideal for breaking up concrete, paving, asphalt and rock, this air operated breaker can be used in conjunction with a towable diesel air compressor. It can demolish reinforced concrete up to 200mm, remove old footings and prepare the base for construction. Easy throttle action and natural centre-of-gravity takes the workload off the user, while air pressure power remains consistent for the entire job.  
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Small, medium and large building and landscaping businesses require jackhammer power from time to time. As business grows, diverse equipment options become available, including the heavy air operated breaker for tackling larger demolition and construction jobs. Tradies, sub-contractors and building professionals all use heavy breakers. 
How to use a heavy-duty breaker?

Connect the breaker/jackhammer to a diesel-powered compressor for reliable and responsive hammer power. Manual handlebar controls can be mastered in no time for safe demolition of concrete and other structural obstacles on the work site.

What is an air operated heavy-duty breaker for?

Heavy-duty breakers are indispensable for builders and construction teams. Air operated heavy-duty breakers are the hands-on way to remove unwanted concrete floors, paving and other structures. The heavy-duty breaker bar can smash concrete up to 20cm thick. 

Who can use a heavy-duty breaker?

Heavy-duty breakers are powerful, so you will require adequate strength and balance to control the breaker effectively. Once mastered, a perfectly balanced Coates Hire heavy-duty breaker is easy to operate, easy on the back, and the cost-effective way to perform major earthworks and construction tasks. 
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Air Operated Breaker - Heavy