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Air Operated Breaker - Light

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Air operated breakers are perfect for demolition jobs. This light air breaker is convenient for wall and overhead work and small repair jobs. Chisel, point and spade blade attachments make breaking through tough materials easy, and at only around 10kg this air operated breaker is light enough to manoeuvre into difficult overhead spaces during renovations or maintenance. Save construction time and trouble by using an air operated breaker.
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Tradies, sub-contractors, small-business owners and DIY home renovators all expect to encounter small demolition and repair jobs. A light air operated breaker can be used with one hand, providing more stability, focus and air power for the job. Big jobs are easy when you have the right equipment on your side. 
What a light air breaker?

A light air breaker is a pneumatically powered breaker/jackhammer useful where ease of handling is important. A light air operated breaker still packs plenty of punch and is ideal in restricted spaces and for smaller demolition jobs. 

How many types of air operated breakers are there?

There are a variety of different air operated breakers to suit a range of applications, and Coates Hire has the breaker hammer you need. Contact your nearest branch for personalised service. Light, medium and heavy air operated breakers are available for small and large demolition and construction jobs. 

How does a light air operated breaker differ from other types?

Light air operated breakers are powered by a generator and compressed air. They are lighter than other types of breakers and provide the right portable solution for lots of applications. These light air breakers are reliable and quieter to run for long periods, allowing the user to complete work on time and on budget. 
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Air Operated Breaker - Light