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Air Operated Chipping Hammer

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This small chipping hammer is ideal for demolishing stubborn obstacles in tight spaces. Hand-held control provides balance for the user while removing concrete, plaster, rock, clay and more. Chip away at small areas without destroying the entire feature. The air operated chipping hammer runs off generator power, offering plenty of additional strength whenever it is required. Air operated chipping hammer hire will save you time, money and energy.
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Hard Hat
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The air operated chipping hammer is suitable for small demolition jobs and work that requires a degree of precision. It is essential piece of equipment for experienced builders, bricklayers, and other tradies, while DIY experts appreciate the versatility a chipping hammer brings around the home.
What is an air operated chipping hammer?

An air operated chipping hammer can be compared to a mini version of a jackhammer. Similar pneumatic air pressure principles apply for providing powerful impact force, yet this small air powered chipping hammer is light enough to hold at any angle and small enough to use in tight spaces. 

What is a chipping tool?

This air chipping hammer provides intense and powerful chipping force. It is the smart alternative to using a hammer and chisel for shaping and breaking concrete and other stone surfaces. An air chipping hammer provides fingertip control for heavy duty concrete breaking. 

How do you replace an air hammer bit?

The air chipping hammer is a versatile piece of equipment. Chipping hammers at Coates Hire come with a range of available bits for targeted chipping and demolition work. Speak to a Coates Hire specialist regarding your specific air operated chipping hammer requirements and tackle the construction task with ease. 
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Air Operated Chipping Hammer