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Airless Paint Sprayer

Code: 33215
A powerful electric paint sprayer using high pressure to atomise solid paint particles without using compressed air. This sprayer enables the user to cover large areas quickly, economically and evenly, with minimal overspray. Portability, ease of operation and consistent electric power provides all the convenience required for presenting the best possible paint job in wide-ranging applications.
Breathing Mask
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
The airless paint sprayer is suitable for professional painters, amateur painters, panel beaters, renovations experts and almost anyone else. Ideal for use in non-breezy, airy environments, this product has universal applications for painting indoor and outdoor walls, furniture, vehicles and restoration projects.
How to use an airless spray gun?

The airless spray gun is an alternative to using compressed air for spraying paint, primers, strainers and varnishes. This electric powered paint sprayer is one handy and mobile unit with built in paint holder, wheeled trolley, and sprayer gun with fingertip control.

How to clean an airless spray gun?

Spray gun cleaning is usually performed by flushing out the entire system with water or another solution as advised by your Coates Hire service professional. Leftover paint is simply pumped out and the spray gun, hoses and connections flushed clean. 

How to paint with an airless spray gun?

This powered paint sprayer uses an electrically run hydraulic pump. Take the time to properly mask and cover everything you don’t want to paint, or if painting outside choose a windless time to avoid overspray. Follow manufacturer and Coates Hire instructions for an airless paint sprayer job well done. 
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Airless Paint Sprayer