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Traffic control arrow boards are designed with mobile work crews in mind. Coates Hire arrow boards are lightweight and easily mounted on the back of a truck. These arrow boards are the custom solution to suit specific requirements for directing traffic safely around roadworks and construction sites. 
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Model / Size
'B' Type Arrow Board Truck Mounted
Arrow Board - "c" Type Solar Trailer
Highly visible LED technology arrow boards are used for traffic management, construction, mining work and other industrial applications where vehicle traffic requires directing. Arrow boards provide flashing arrow directional signals and include a hydraulic mast for raising and lowering the panel.
How much does an arrow board cost to hire?
For around $100 per day, your work crew and other road users can be as safe as possible with a trailer mounted arrow board that satisfies all legal and council health and safety regulations.

What size arrow boards are available?
Coates Hire has trailer mounted traffic control arrow boards and smaller solar powered arrow board work lights deliver 24/7 traffic management. These arrow boards provide energy efficient operation and high-legibility LED illumination.

What are the types of arrow boards?
Arrow board traffic control units are used during roadworks and construction. Coates Hire arrow boards can be solar powered or connected to a 240V external battery charger for manual charging. Arrow board trailer rental is the convenient way to ensure fast set-up for a safe workplace.

Where to hire arrow boards?
Arrow boards and arrow board parts are available Australia-wide at Coates Hire. Locate your nearest Coates Hire depot using our online search function for arrow boards and other high traffic management equipment for the best possible hire price.
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Arrow Boards