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This leaf blower backpack is lightweight and perfectly balanced. The motor is mounted at the rear, with the entire unit resting against the users back, held in place by comfortable padded straps. The hand grip and throttle provide precision leaf and litter blowing, allowing the other hand to be free. Take the strain out of big leaf blowing jobs with a leaf blower backpack and always choose Coates Hire for all your leaf blower hire needs.

Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This leaf blower backpack is suitable for major garden clean-up jobs. It is the smart alternative to using a yard broom and will quickly tidy up an entire playground or car park if required. Comfortable user operation makes this product ideal for homeowners and gardeners who want to save energy and let the blower do the work.

BR 700

Ultra high-performance professional blower

Technical data

Displacement cm³ 64.8
Power output kW 2.8
Weight kg 1) 10.7
Blowing force N 2) 35
Air speed with round nozzle m/s 74
Air throughput m³/h 3) 1.550
Max. air speed m/s 88
Max. air throughput m³/h 4) 1.860
Tank volume ml 1.400
Q. When is the best time to use a backpack leaf blower?

This high performance backpack has exceptional blowing power. It is the solution for heavy-duty ground care and is used in schools, resorts, parks and roadsides. It will clear large clippings and foliage, and can even move waterlogged leaves. 

Q. How heavy is a leaf blower backpack?

Weighing under 10kg, this leaf blower backpack is a balanced unit that will take the strain off your back and arms. 2-stroke petrol power gives it plenty of blowing power, allowing the user to manoeuvre comfortably. 

Q. Are leaf blower backpacks safe to use?

Coates Hire equipment is regularly serviced. We also check, clean and sign off on all equipment prior to hire, allowing you to hire with confidence. Any responsible adult, or teen capable of appropriate equipment handling can easily master leaf blower backpack use. 
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Blower - Backpack