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Breaker/Drill - Electric - Large

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Heavy-duty breaker drill work is easily performed with this powerful tool. It is ideal for drilling larger diameter holes in concrete, masonry and brick work. The strong motor is resistant to overheating, with this drill also capable of demolishing brickwork and breaking up small paved areas. A very versatile tool, the large breaker drill has numerous applications on the jobsite and around the home.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The large breaker drill has wide-ranging applications. Use the drill or breaker attachments to achieve a tailored, quality result. This tool will take over the workload without stress, and is simple to use. Breaker drills are essential for many jobs and are in demand with small business owners, tradespersons, builders and DIY enthusiasts who enjoy building projects.
What is an electric drill used for?

Electric drills are used on masonry, wood, steel and other materials. It’s important to choose the right drill. This large electric breaker drill is used by builders and concrete workers for precise drilling. Coates Hire equipment and machinery is highest quality and new or in as-new condition, allowing you to get on with the job with confidence. 

How to use an electric drill?

The power of this large impact drill shouldn’t be underestimated and safety is the first consideration. Special design features include double hand grips for stable drill operation even while rotating or impacting at high speeds. Fingertip control and steady electric power make this power tool a smart hire choice for a quality finished product. 

Can an electric drill be used as a screwdriver?

This electric breaker drill has a lot of uses. It can double as a screwdriver, rotary hammer or impact wrench using suitable drill chucks and drill bits. The breaker drill can be used with diamond core drill bits and is the go-to drill for serious building and demolition projects. 
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Breaker/Drill - Electric - Large