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Breaker/Drill - Electric - Medium

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This powerful tool is designed for drilling through concrete. The breaker/drill mode allows the user to hammer and drill simultaneously, with debris scooped out of the hole by the drill’s spiral action. For precise drilling through less resistant concrete, switch to drill mode only. Ideal for foundations and footings work, the medium sized breaker drill is an important piece of equipment for small and large building and demolition projects. 
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This breaker drill provides wide-ranging applications for working with concrete. Whether yours is a small demolition job or major construction, the breaker drill is sure to play a role. The drill is in demand with all types of builders and DIY experts. For superior concrete work that will last for generations, look no further than quality equipment from hire specialists.
What is a breaker drill?

A breaker drill provides both hammer and drill action to cut through concrete. This medium electric breaker hammer drill is the powerful option for all concrete drilling work. Electric breaker drills from Coates Hire are built for tough work and ready for action. 

How do you use a breaker drill?

A breaker drill or demolition hammer employs an electro-pneumatic hammer piston to generate high energy on impact. This feature allows the electric breaker drill to effortlessly cut a path through tough concrete. The medium electric breaker drill for concrete from Coates Hire is lightweight and balanced for comfortable all-day use.

What is the difference between a drill and a hammer drill?

There are many types of drills, all with specific advantages for various applications. Some drills rely on torque speed alone to cut through materials, while other drills incorporate the hammer function for additional drilling power. Breaker drills utilise pneumatic action and chiselling applications for high impact demolition or remodelling work. Check out the full Coates Hire range at your nearest branch. 
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Breaker/Drill - Electric - Medium