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Breaker - Electric - Large

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A large upright and very powerful tool, this electric breaker is capable of performing the toughest tasks. Almost any demolition job can be completed using the chisel, point and spade attachments. Break concrete slabs and footings, remove bonded paving stones and tiles, cut through bitumen and remove clay or rock for establishing foundations. The large electric powered breaker can do it all.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The large electric breaker is suitable for a range of jobs which require the removal or breaking of concrete, as well as other foundation work. This includes the removal of clay and breaking ashphalt for road repare work.
What tools can you use to break concrete?

There are various tools and methods for breaking concrete, depending on the amount and type of concrete that needs demolishing. Large breakers (jackhammers) are incredibly powerful and versatile, while sledgehammers, pickaxes and metal snips all play a role. For completing larger demolition jobs using a large electric powered breaker, consider hiring a mini loader for safe and easy removal of demolition materials.

How much does it cost to rent an electric breaker?

This will depend on the size of electric powered breaker required and the duration of hire. Coates Hire has Australia’s widest selection of equipment for hire, and we offer hire rates that can’t be matched, so contact us online, over the phone or at your nearest branch for the best possible electric breaker hire deal. 

How do you break concrete with an electric breaker?

The electric breaker provides immediate power control, allowing the user to manoeuvre the breaker with confidence. This large electric breaker is quiet to operate yet has tremendous impact power for dealing with the toughest concrete. Handlebar controls are a breeze, while various chiselling and chipping attachments are tailored for speedy demolition. 
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Breaker - Electric - Large