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Portable Trash Pumps

Code: PUM53-2
Portable trash pumps are typically used for a variety of dewatering applications. These heavy-duty portable pumps from Coates Hire are designed to move water that contains solids such as mud, leaves, sand and sludge. Trash pumps are capable of processing materials and suspended particles that can clog other types of pumps.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Pump Small 25mm - Transfer - Petrol Driven
Pump Small 38mm - Fire Fighting Pump
Pump Small 38mm - Transfer - Electric 240V
Pump Small 38mm - Transfer - Petrol Driven
Pump Small 50mm - Fire Fighter - Petrol Driven
Pump Small 50mm - Transfer - Petrol Driven
Pump Small 50mm - Trash - 240V Electric
Pump Small 50mm - Trash - Diesel Driven
Pump Small 50mm - Trash - Petrol
Pump Small 75mm - Fire Fighting Pump - Diesel Driven
Pump Small 75mm - Transfer - Petrol
Pump Small 75mm - Trash - Diesel
Pump Small 75mm - Trash - Petrol
Pump Transfer Diesel - 240V
Large Trash Pump 100mm
Coates Hire portable trash pumps can handle solids up to 25mm and can deliver a maximum flow of 20L/sec. That is a lot of dirty water that can be moved and sorted in a small amount of time. These pumps are suitable for savvy workers who know how to save time and money with high quality hire equipment.
Does Coates Hire also stock hoses and fittings?
We certainly do. Our collection of hire equipment includes pump hoses of various lengths for every type of pump, so you can tailor your portable trash pump setup.

How do trash pumps stay unclogged?
Trash pump hoses and couplings have built-in strainers and other innovations to capture and divert material that is too large to pass through. A trash pump sifts the debris the pump can handle and rejects material that is too big.

Where to hire trash pumps and dewatering equipment?
The answer is Coates Hire. We have more than 150 hire branches nation-wide, so there is bound to be a Coates Hire branch near you. We also stock more high quality equipment and machinery than anyone else, all available at prices our competitors can’t match. 
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Portable Trash Pumps