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Chain Block - Manual - 0.5 - 1.5t

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Used to lift and lower heavy loads, this manual chain block can support up to 1.5T. Fitted with powerfully gripping hooks, with easy chain movement courtesy of ball bearing rotation, this chain block has a lot of applications in the workshop and on the worksite. Vertical lifting of heavy items is entirely possible with a manual chain block.
This manual chain block is compact, easy to use and constructed from highest quality materials for improved safety. Ideal for building, engineering, mechanics, industrial purposes and construction, the manual chain block will provide the lifting power required to carry out heavy-duty tasks.
How does a manual chain block work?

A manual chain block is an innovative heavy lifting device used in building, mechanical and industrial applications. Without explaining all the physics, a manual chain block transforms small force over a long distance into large force over a short distance, allowing people to manually hoist objects they couldn’t otherwise lift. 

What is a manual chain block used for?

Any mechanically minded person is familiar with chain blocks used in backyards and garages around Australia every day. These manual chain block hoists provide the lifting power required even without motorised equipment, and the strong load chain can support an entire car engine all day. Manual chain block support provides all the lifting power required. 

What is the difference between a chain hoist and chain block?

There is no real difference. ‘Chain block’ is an older term that has mostly been superseded by ‘chain hoist’. Your Coates Hire service professional is familiar with all hand chain blocks, chain hoists and other lifting equipment, so get in touch today for more ideas and inspiration. 
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Chain Block - Manual - 0.5 - 1.5t