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Chainsaw Extended Pole 2 stroke

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This versatile pole chainsaw power tool includes a telescopic arm for extra reach. It is perfect for pruning, trimming and cutting high limbs from trees while the user remains safely on the ground. 2-stroke petrol power provides serious cutting energy for easy and comfortable use. Branches up to a height of approximately 5m can be cut without awkward stretching or bending.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
The lockable telescopic shaft makes this extended pole chainsaw suitable for cutting applications at various heights up to around 5m. It is suitable for use around the home garden, and is a go-to tool for professional landscapers, garden designers and small business operators who require smart solutions.

HT 101

Powerful 1.05 kW pole pruner with telescopic shaft

Performance kW 1,05
Weight kg 7,6
Rollomatic E, cutting length cm 30
Total length (max) cm 1) 390
Chain pitch 3/8"P
Oil tank volume cm3 220
EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h 0.645
Q. What is a pole saw used for?

This pole chainsaw will cut high branches with ease. There is no need to climb on a ladder and stretch awkwardly when you can remain firmly planted on the ground. 

Q. Are the cutting teeth adaptable?

Powerful chainsaw teeth cut like no other, and will slice through soft and hard wood, allowing you to keep hedges, fruit trees and ornamental shrubs in top shape.

Q. Is the extended pole chainsaw light enough for anyone to use?

Weighing only 7.6KG, and balanced to perfection, the extended pole is easy to manoeuvre around high spaces. Unless you are a gardener attuned to equipment use, you may need to take a few breaks, and remember to wear dark glasses if sun glare is impacting work. 
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Chainsaw Extended Pole 2 stroke