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What is a padfoot roller?
A padfoot roller is a heavy-duty machine designed to compact soil for preparation of building foundations and roadworks. Padfoot rollers have tapered pads that penetrate and compact deeply to build up soil strength. When breaking the surface, the roller dismantles the bond between granular soil materials, facilitating tighter compaction on the following pass. Coates Hire padfoot rollers are available in wide-ranging dimensions for a huge variety of construction and earthworks applications.
What does a padfoot roller do?
A padfoot roller compacts the ground surface to create a solid base for building and paving projects. These rollers are available from 3t to 16t models from Coates Hire for medium sized and expansive projects. Padfoot rollers are designed to compact soil for purposes that include creation of driveways and sidewalks, establishing correctly levelled and contoured parking areas, and to fill trenches after laying drainage pipes or other services.

Padfoot rollers are relatively high-speed compared to sheepsfoot rollers. Padfoot rollers are non-vibratory and can be fitted with a dozer blade for simultaneous spreading and compacting of soil. The roller pads are tapered and have a rectangular face, allowing them to compress, roll and lift without unwanted fluffing of the surface soil.

What is the difference between a padfoot roller & a sheepsfoot  roller?
Although ‘sheepsfoot’ has become a generic term used to describe all padded drum rollers, padfoot and sheepsfoot rollers are different machines with individual compaction advantages. The pads on sheepfoot drum rollers lift and fluff the surface material while compacting the soil underneath. If additional fill is added on top, the lower layer will be compacted and the top layer lifted.

Padfoot rollers, on the other hand, have tapered pads that compact and lift without fluffing the surface soil. Padfoot rollers are effective on almost all soil types except sandy soils. These rollers leave a reasonably smooth and firm sealed surface, making it easier for other hauling units to maintain high speeds when traversing the newly compacted area.

What soil type is a padfoot roller best used for?
Padfoot rollers are used on almost all soil types except sandy soils. These rollers are ideal for use in large projects with long uninterrupted passes where the speed of the machine adds to compaction capacity. Padfoot rollers are most suitable for compacting cohesive soils and are capable of breaking large clumps of soil to create a level and compacted surface. A padfoot roller is generally preferred to a sheepsfoot roller due to faster speeds and higher production capacity, ultimately saving time and money on the job.
Where to hire a padfoot roller?

Coates Hire is the go-to equipment and machinery hire service with more available products than anyone else. The Australia-wide network of Coates Hire branches means you can achieve a consistent approach to all major projects anywhere around the country. Padfoot roller hire is the cost-effective solution for large-scale compaction, providing deeper compaction than single or double drum smooth rollers. Coates Hire delivers a wide range of road rollers for adaptable roadworks solutions, including static pressure vibration and impact rollers.

With Coates Hire, you can organise padfoot roller hire online, over the phone, or in person at your nearest Coates Hire branch. We have the roller you need at a price our competitors cannot match.