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What is a plate compactor used for?
There are a heap of construction equipment plate compactor jobs that pop up from time to time, so it is good to know there are equipment hire options available. Plate compactor capability includes compacting soil and sub-base aggregate material, compaction of asphalt, creating correctly cambered roads and driveways, completing parking areas and undertaking repair work. Plate compactors are hand-held and operated machines that are easy to manoeuvre in tight and narrow spaces for optimal compaction results.
Where to use plate compactors?
Plate compactors are used for commercial and private projects. Wherever quality consented work is prioritised and builders take pride in first-class construction, plate compactors are on hand to assist. Vibrating plate compactors are incredibly versatile, being used on a wide variety of soil, gravel, aggregates, and man-made surfaces. The best plate compactors are in demand with construction team leaders, builders and owner-operators for large and small earthworks and building projects.

Selecting the right vibrating plate compactor for your job is essential. Coates Hire has all the options to match the size and type of compaction job you are addressing. Plate compactor options include single direction models that move only in forward direction. This can be a great option for driveways and asphalt in small areas. However, a reversible plate compactor does go both forward and backwards, providing greater manoeuvrability for some projects. Forward/backward motion is also the optimal means to quickly compact deeper sub-base materials.

Compaction techniques vary according to the task at hand. For example, a plate compactor with water tank has the advantage of better asphalt base compaction by preventing hot asphalt from sticking to the heavy-duty vibrating plate. Contact you nearest Coates Hire branch and speak to an expert regarding your specific plate compactor requirements, and move forward with confidence in your work.

How deep does a plate compactor compact?
A lot will depend on the material you are compacting. For any building or construction project, it is important to have interlocking and practical connection of permanent fixtures such as driveways, retaining walls and decks. Compaction is an essential step in structural integrity that should never be overlooked, no matter how big or small your building or earthworks project is.

Compaction is usually more about levels than depth, as excess soil can always be removed or added with an excavator or manually to achieve the right depth prior to compaction. Compaction at all stages of your project will result in a finished product that provides an even and safe surface. Professional compaction using a high-quality vibro plate compactor or rammer provides the foundation for projects that last for decades. Check out the wide range of plate compactors for rent at Coates Hire, and get the right equipment for your job.

Do I need a plate compactor for pavers?
Plate compactors are an essential piece of equipment for high quality paving work. The plate compactor can be used during initial earthworks by compacting the sub-base, then again used to compact the next layer of sand, soil or aggregate. When the pavers are laid in position, a compactor or rammer is again introduced to secure the pavers in place.

The impressive Coates Hire range of Wacker plate compactors and rammers are all new or in as-new condition. All our machinery is regularly serviced, inspected, and cleaned to ensure it is in top operating order. With Coates Hire on your side you will save time and money by using highest quality equipment for the best available hire rate.

Coates Hire products include large diesel plate compactors, such as the 451kg-699kg model. This heavy-duty plate compactor is perfect for working with rocky and granular soils. The wide base spreads compaction force over a greater area, allowing the operator to complete large compaction jobs in a short amount of time. Available in various sizes, Coates Hire large plate compactors are designed for tailor-made road bases, driveways, and paving.

We also have small petrol plate compactors that punch above their weight for paving work, drainage work and compaction of sub-soil. Coates Hire plate compactors and rammers provide plenty of ramming power without affecting the operator. Special handles and components are used to minimise vibration so you can work comfortably all day if required.

Rammer compactors work on the same principles as plate compactors, although the plate size is much smaller on rammer compactors. This is not a problem however, as rammer compactors are designed for targeted ramming over a smaller area. In addition, the compact and portable nature of rammer compactors means that some products can be battery operated for indoor and emission-free use. Check out the great range of rammer compactors available at Coates Hire.

Where to hire a plate compactor?
Without needing to blow our own trumpet, Coates Hire is the obvious answer. We have an Australia-wide network of hire branches, more available products than anyone else, and partnerships with industry-leading name brand manufacturers. The result is the right equipment and machinery for your project at a hire rate that will help you turn a profit. The Coates Hire commitment includes service and support 24/7 and all the professional advice and assistance you require to complete high quality work.

With Coates Hire, you can hire plate compactors and rammers in-store, over the phone, or online at your convenience. You can even reserve products online so your plate compactor, rammer, or other heavy-duty equipment is ready whenever you are to commence work. Contact Coates Hire today regarding your project, and we will be happy to assist you every step of the way.