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What is a roller compactor?
Roller compactors are many and varied, and they all have dedicated functions and capacity. However, all roller compactors are designed and built to compact either soil, stones, or man-made surfaces. These include industrial size smooth double-drum rollers, single-drum steam rollers, padfoot trench rollers, vibrating pedestrian rollers and other rolling compactors.

Compactors can use their own weight for compaction or include vibrating or oscillating power in tandem with the machine weight. The machine you hire should match the jobsite needs, and not be too big or small for the task. There are lots of reasons for using vibrating and oscillating roller compactors.

Strong compaction roller power
The efficiency of strong compacting power means there are less passes needed to complete the work to optimal compaction levels. The dynamic sheer forces of oscillation or vibration combined with the rollers own weight makes heavy machinery tougher than ever, and a real time saver, particularly on large areas.

Easy to operate
Modern roller compactors available at Coates Hire are extremely easy to operate. Specialist compaction equipment can be hands-on or fully automated, depending on the task at hand. State-of-the-art roller compactors even set amplitude automatically to the material being compacted.

A smoother surface
Downward roller pressure compacts particles, removes air pockets and produces longitudinal evenness while never losing contact with the ground surface. By using the appropriate roller compactor for your job, every pass will be a surface improvement, and a step closer to completion of the work.

Low emissions
Every component of a roller compactor is dedicated to performance of heavy-duty work. Coates Hire compactors work with you to complete large-scale jobs with a minimum of fuss. By hiring a roller compactor for your work, you can save time, money, and the environment, while also appreciating a superior finished product.

With the right steel drum roller, padfoot roller, vibrating plate, or rammer on your side, you can manage the exact level of compaction required. With purpose-designed Coates Hire products, there is no risk of crushing the aggregate or compromising the material structure.

How does a roller compactor work?
The method varies depending on the equipment being used, although all roller compactors utilise a heavy cylinder-shaped drum for compaction. Drum roller compactors have been used for roadworks and building construction for decades, as have smaller hand-operated vibrating pedestrian rollers that provide extra reach for asphalting or other surfacing work.

In addition, padfoot roller compactors and sheepsfoot roller compactors utilise the addition of rectangular or square tapered ‘pads’ protruding from the roller wheel. A small Trench Padfoot Twin Drum Remote Control Roller, for example, will provide accurate sub-base compaction and utility excavations in confined workspaces where manoeuvrability is tight and remote operation is preferable.

How many types of roller compactors are there?
There are at least 5 types of roller compactors commonly used on construction sites. Soil needs to be compressed and air pockets eliminated to create a stable site. Due to their special purpose, one roller will not work the same as another, so it is important to hire the right equipment for any large or small construction project. Here are some roller compactor types.

Vibrating Pedestrian Roller: For small and medium size jobs, a hand roller compactor is often the best fit. The vibrating pedestrian roller available at Coates Hire is perfect in areas where mobility and size is important.

Twin-Drum Trench Padfoot Roller: Vibrating padfoot drums provide heavy-duty compaction for utility excavations and creation of solid sub-bases. Remote control of a twin-drum padfoot roller is a breeze, with safe hand-held operation and a minimum of fuss.

Smooth Double Drum Roller: These rollers provide heavyweight compaction capacity for reinforcement of soil, gravel, asphalt, and soil subgrades. Powerful compaction is achieved by dual vibrating and driving drums. Smooth double drum roller compacter equipment is ideal for roadworks and compaction of asphalt when following an asphalt paving machine.

Smooth Single Drum Roller: A common site for generations, and still sometimes called ‘steam’ engines, single smooth drum rollers are used to create roads, parking areas, building foundations and much more.

Multi-Tyre Pneumatic Roller: These rollers are ideal for finishing work and surface sealing. Ballast can be adjusted and the tyres provide uniform pressure throughout for completion of a smooth and polished project.

In addition to roller compactors, plate compactors and rammers are commonly used for wide-ranging building and construction tasks. Coates Hire is the go-to equipment rental solution for every type of roller and plate compactor for large and small jobs.
Which soil type can be compacted by rollers?
Roller compactors can compress and compact almost all soil types except loose sandy soils. In addition, roller compacted concrete and asphalt binds better for an exceptionally strong finished product. Drum roller vibratory compactor power is the difference between long-lasting professional work and a poor imitation, and the widest range of best value roller compactors for rent can be found at your local Coates Hire branch.
How much does roller compactor hire cost?
This will depend on the machine you require. Coates Hire has dozens of roller compactor products for hire in varying sizes and styles. From huge double-drum roller compactors with air-conditioned cab, to hand operated roller compactors for working in tight spaces, we have what you need at Coates Hire. Enquire online, over the phone, or in person at a Coates Hire branch, and speak to the experts regarding your specific roller compactor requirements. With more available equipment and machinery than anyone else, and an Australia-wide network of Coates Hire branches, our best value hire rates will help you get the job done on time and on budget.