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Concrete Bull Float

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The concrete bull float is used for smoothing the surface of freshly poured concrete after it has been screeded and prior to it setting. This tool, complete with long handle, is ideal for levelling large areas of concrete base flooring. Lightweight construction and reversible blade tilt control make this tool perfect for precision concrete levelling and a flat, smooth surface. For occasional or ongoing use, bull float hire will result in a superior finished product.
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This simple and convenient hand-tool is used widely in the construction industry. A bull float is a concreters essential, and can be easily and effectively used by almost anyone. Whether yours is a major construction plan, a home handyman project, or any other situation where concrete requires levelling, the concrete bull float will make a huge difference.
Why do you need to bull float concrete?

A bull float will level ridges and fill hollows left by the screeding procedure. The bull float will also slightly embed coarse aggregate and make finishing easier. Bull floating can be followed by trowelling and other finishing methods.

How to bull float a concrete slab?

Bull floating should be performed on a concrete slab immediately after screeding or tamping, and before excess moisture or bleedwater appears on the surface. A long handle bull float provides the reach required for completing concrete base flooring to a high standard.

When do you bull float concrete?

Bull floating is performed on freshly poured and screeded concrete. A long handled concrete bull float eliminates awkward stretching. A concrete bull float with telescopic handle or extension poles allows the user to get the levels right for superior flooring or paving.
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Concrete Bull Float