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Concrete Mower - electric

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Providing similar capabilities to a concrete grinder, but on a smaller scale, this electric concrete mower is designed for removing rough and uneven concrete. Powerful operation allows the user to remove grout, adhesives and stuck-on coatings from concrete surfaces. Trip hazards can be smoothed over, uneven concrete joins levelled, and imperfections removed from pock-marked concrete surfaces.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The electric concrete mower is used by builders, tradespersons, specialist concreters, tilers and DIY handypersons. If a quality finished product is part of your service, a hard-wearing concrete mower will meet expectations. Lightweight, easy to handle and a cinch to operate, this concrete mower has huge application potential.
Can you file concrete?

You certainly can. A concrete mower will file and shape a concrete floor or other concrete surface. This electric concrete mower is ideal for removing excess concrete and getting levels right for a professional finish.

What is a concrete mower used for?

A hand-held electric concrete mower can be used indoors and outside, although it is advisable to wear a dust mask. This lightweight mower is used on floors, driveways, pathways, concrete structural work and other areas. This tool is also ideal for removing graffiti and other stuck-on objects.

How much does it cost to rent an electric concrete mower?

This will depend on the size of the electric concrete mower required and duration of hire. Coates Hire are concrete mower hire specialists with more hire equipment than anyone else, so contact us online, over the phone, or drop into your nearest Coates Hire branch for concrete grinder/mower ideas and inspiration. 
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Concrete Mower - electric