Concrete & Masonry - Core Drill Vacuum Pump - Coates Hire
Concrete & Masonry - Core Drill Vacuum Pump - Coates Hire
Concrete & Masonry - Core Drill Vacuum Pump - Coates Hire

Core Drill Vacuum Pump

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This compact and portable core drill vacuum pump is used in conjunction with a core drill and stand. The vacuum pump allows you to site the core drill stand on vertical or sloping walls and other surfaces. The pressure sensor vacuum gauge ensures surface connection is strong. Ideally used on flat and non-porous surfaces, the core drill vacuum pump is fast to set up and easy to operate.
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This product is suitable for builders, concreters, renovators and DIY handypersons who expect precision drilling. Used on concrete, masonry and stone, a core drill makes perfectly round holes required for installing electrical connections, plumbing pipes and other services. The core drill vacuum pump ensures mistake-free work and a quality finished product.
What is a core drill vacuum pump?

Concrete core drilling is hard work made easy when you have the right equipment on your side. A core drill vacuum pump allows you to perform deep core drilling with automatic removal of concrete dust from the hole. A core drill vacuum pump and stand is the best way to achieve a professional finish. 

How does a core drill vacuum pump work?

Vacuum suction power allows the user to remove cement dust while drilling is in motion. It also allows you to drill in almost any location. Core drilling can be performed on horizontal, sloping, and even vertical walls when combining a core drill, core drill stand and core drill vacuum pump – all available at Coates Hire. 

What surfaces can I use core drill vacuum pump on?

The vacuum pump stand affixes best to solid non-porous surfaces offering plenty of grip for stable drilling. The vacuum pump has a built-in pressure sensor gauge to ensure connection is secure. The core drill vacuum pump, concrete core drill bit and other accessories are the difference between a professional and amateur finish. Contact Coates Hire online, over the phone or in person at your nearest branch for more ideas and inspiration. 
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Core Drill Vacuum Pump