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Plastic Crash Barriers

Code: TRA25-2
Water filled road barrier systems available at Coates Hire include options for 70km/h – 100km/h deployment. These water filled plastic barriers promote safe work zone barrier protection during roadside works and temporary construction activities. 
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Model / Size
Barrier - Concrete - 2.0-3.6M
Barrier - Concrete - T Lok 3.6M
Barrier - Concrete End Connector - Triton - QLD
Barrier - Concrete T Lok
Arrnorzone - End Treatment Unit
Arrnorzone - Barrier
Barrier - Ironman Steel Crash - 4M
Ironman 12.0m Steel Crash Barrier
Barrier - Water Filled - TL2 (to 70km/h)
Barrier - Water Filled - TL3 (to 100km/h)
Water filled barriers are ideal for creating pedestrian delineation at busy roadside construction areas. Relatively lightweight when empty, these heavy duty water filled barriers can be manoeuvred into position for quickly establishing road closures and temporary car park areas.
How long are water filled barriers?
Water filled barriers are 2M long and weigh approx. 50kg, making the suitable for positioning by one or two people. The individual units are locked together using steel connecting pins.

Where to hire water filled barriers?
Coates Hire is the obvious choice. We have more available products and equipment than anyone else, an Australia-wide network of branches, and the best hire prices available on all traffic barriers and traffic management equipment. 

What types of water filled barriers are there?
Coates Hire water filled barriers include products suitable for TL-2 and TL-3 deployment. These barriers can be dispatched in multiple units for fast set up and are the safe pedestrian barrier solution for multiple applications. 

Which water filled barrier should I choose?
The choices are all yours at Coates Hire. Our unbeatable range of water filled safety barriers, Armorzone water filled barriers, steel barriers, concrete barriers and attenuators has all angles covered for establishing optimum safety at your work site. Contact your nearest Coates Hire service professional for more information. 
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Plastic Crash Barriers