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Demolition Saw 350mm

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The hand-held demolition saw, suitable for wet or dry cutting, will saw through concrete, asphalt, bricks, tiles, pavers, pipes and even metal. The 350mm demolition saw is lightweight, easy to operate, and is ideal for making short, accurate cuts. Compatible with composite or diamond blades, this saw will make light work of tough jobs and allow your project to run on schedule and on budget.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This demolition saw has multifunctionality required by serious builders and demolitions experts. It is suitable for small, medium and large projects. Whether building, renovating or demolishing, a 350mm demolition saw provides the versatility required. Concreters, bricklayers, labourers and DIY experts all benefit from demolition saw capability.
How to use a demolition saw?

There are certain tools that benefit from 2-stroke power and hand-held convenience, and a demolition saw is one of them. This 350mm demolition saw is portable, lightweight and designed for dust-reduced operation.

What materials can I saw with a demolition saw?

Concrete, steel, masonry and asphalt cutting is possible using diamond blades and other demolition saw blades designed for the task. Demolition work is no longer overwhelming with Coates Hire demolition saw hire solutions, so drop into your nearest branch or contact us online regarding demo saw hire and your demolition needs. 

Do you need water to saw concrete?

Water is used when cutting concrete to keep the blade cool and avoid dangerous concrete dust. Although water isn’t always required, concrete saws with water attachments are used daily by tilers and builders when cutting. In addition, you will require a suitable protective mask, eye protection, hearing protection and gloves.
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Demolition Saw 350mm