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Distribution Board Lifeguard 17

Code: 13215
A temporary power reticulation system designed to reduce site establishment costs, provide a safe work environment and simplify changes to on-site power demands. This unit includes single phase, three phase and Takeoff IEC power connections for accommodating a wide range of commercial and industrial power cables, lighting and equipment.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
This multifunctional power board is suitable for use on medium and large building projects. It is ideal for multi-story projects, facilitating power connections to all levels of the build. Professional builders and construction teams can power on with work while the distribution board does the rest.
What is a power board?

A power board is a portable power distribution source with single and triple phase outlets for running equipment and machinery. This lifeguard 17 temporary power reticulation system simplifies changes as your site expands, making lifeguard power board hire the cost-effective way to meet construction deadlines.

Are power boards safe?

Power boards available from Coates Hire are specifically designed to promote workplace health and safety. Our power distribution board options for small and large projects will ensure you have the right equipment for your job. These power boards are strong, stable and weather resistant, making them the smart move for outdoor and indoor work. 

What is surge protection on a power board?

Surge protection ensures there are no power surges that could damage equipment or machinery. A power distribution board is a multi-tasking system that will reduce site establishment costs and provide a safer workplace for everyone. Please contact Coates Hire online, over the phone or in person for more building and construction ideas and solutions. 
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Distribution Board Lifeguard 17