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Drive Unit - Diesel

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The ideal power source for concrete vibrators, water pumps and other flexible shaft equipment. This diesel drive unit is protected by a heavy-duty roll frame suitable for hard wearing use in the construction, mining and agriculture industries. Diesel drive units convert energy into reliable mechanical motion, and will continue powering on as long as required. This drive unit is easy and safe to operate for all types of concrete and construction projects.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This drive unit is suitable on worksites requiring a portable power source. The diesel drive unit is used by builders, concreters, plumbers and other occupations where flexible shaft driven submersible pumps and vibrators are used. Secure connections and quick coupling action provides user-friendly assistance for getting the job done.
What is the use of a drive unit?

This diesel drive unit is specifically designed for coupling with water pumps, flexible shafts and other connections. Uses range from concrete construction work to plumbing and pipe repair. These units are an essential feature of the construction industry, and Coates Hire are the solutions experts. 

What situations is a diesel drive unit suitable?

Wherever water pumps and concrete vibrators are required, diesel drive units are also used, with all required connections, couplings and spare parts also provided by Coates Hire. This unit includes a heavy-duty roll cage for safe and reliable performance. 

What is the difference between diesel and electric drive units?

Both diesel and electric drive units are used for specific purposes in building, construction and maintenance. Diesel is often the favoured outdoor power source due to its reliability and power. For more information regarding the perfect drive unity for your task, speak to a Coates Hire professional today. 
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Drive Unit - Diesel