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Tractor Hire & Tractor Attachments

Tractors are incredibly versatile machines that are equally at home on the farm, the construction site or in the backyard. Whether you need tractor and plough hire for agricultural work, mini tractor hire for landscaping or heavy duty earthmoving equipment, your local Coates Hire branch can help you.

Coates Hire branches nationwide supply a range of 4x2 and 4x4 tractors with a wide variety of tractor attachments and accessories, so you'll always have the right tool for every job.

What are tractors used for?

Tractors are most often associated with agriculture, where they can take the hard manual labour out of everything from tilling to harvesting. But these adaptable machines can also work wonders in other settings when you choose a suitably sized vehicle with the right implements.
If you're landscaping or maintaining a large property, tractor mower hire can be a convenient alternative to a traditional mower. Tractors can also be used to clear roads, dig ditches and foundations, or even to pull scrapers and other heavy equipment in construction.

How to choose a tractor

Tractors are available in various sizes and types, depending on your needs. As with any investment in your business, it's important to consider your options carefully and not base your decision on cost alone. An efficient model is likely to improve productivity and save money over the course of a large project.
It's also important to choose the correct size and engine power you need, as an underpowered tractor won't do everything you need it to, while an overpowered vehicle will waste energy and may be more likely to develop a fault.

Coates Hire has a range of tractors for hire, suitable for a variety of agricultural, landscaping and construction jobs. Ask your local branch about tractor hire rates for everything from 50kW 4x2 mini tractor hire up to 180kW 4x4 tractors for heavy duty construction work. 
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What do I use tractor attachments for?

Whether you're hiring a tractor or you already have one, the right attachments are essential for carrying out the work you need to. A range of tractor accessories can turn the same tractor into a versatile machine capable of serving a variety of roles on your farm or work site.
Tractor attachments enable operators to prepare ground for planting, spread seed and fertiliser, harvest crops, mow lawns, clear rocks, brush and other debris, grade roads and paths, dig ditches, foundations or ponds and run various powered equipment through the tractor itself. Attachments may be fitted to the front or rear of tractors.

How to choose tractor attachments

To decide what type and size of tractor accessories you require, you need to consider what you'll be using the tractor for, the type of ground it needs to contend with and any other special considerations of the job.

Some tractor equipment serves more than one function, so you may need fewer attachments than you think. You should also consider whether it's worth hiring other specialised equipment if they'd be a better fit for certain jobs, such as a backhoe or skid steer loader.

Coates Hire has an extensive selection of tractor attachments for hire Australia wide, designed to be compatible across a range of vehicles. Talk to your local branch about tractor loader attachments, augers, post hole diggers, mowers and other equipment today. 
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Do I need a licence to operate a tractor?

Coates Hire ensures that all of our tractors and accessories comply with the latest OHS statutory requirements in Australia. It's essential that operators follow proper safety procedures when using tractors and accessories to avoid causing damage or injury, and familiarise themselves with the vehicle's operation before use.

Unlike some other earthmoving equipment, standard 4x2 and 4x4 tractors are not classed as heavy equipment and only require a standard driver's licence to operate. However, some heavy duty tractors or specialised attachments may require a licence in your state or territory. Your local Coates Hire branch will inform you if this is the case, and we offer training courses Australia wide if your operator needs to obtain certification. 
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How to hire tractors and attachments from Coates Hire

We have a dedicated earthmoving and compaction specialist in every region of Australia who can help you to choose the most suitable and cost-effective equipment for the job. When deciding which tractor and tractor accessories are the right fit for your project, you should consider:
• What size and power tractor do you need?
• What type and size of attachments are required?
• How many hours will the equipment be used for?
• Will it have to deal with hard or tough materials?
• Are there any issues with access on your site?
• Are there any other hazards to be aware of?

Why choose Coates Hire for tractor hire?

Coates Hire is a leading supplier of equipment to all regions of Australia. We only offer high quality brands of tractors and accessories that are reliable and meet or exceed the latest Australian and international standards. Our tractor cabs have been designed with operator comfort and productivity in mind.

If something does go wrong on your site, we offer nationwide servicing and breakdown support to provide repairs, spare parts and replacements when needed. Our Integrated Equipment Management system –
Silver Service is your guarantee that all equipment is maintained to the highest safety standards.
Your local specialist will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your tractor hire and we can recommend the best attachments for your needs. For information on tractor hire cost and more, call Coates Hire today on 13 15 52, send us an online enquiry below or
visit your nearest branch.