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What are earthmoving tractors used for?
As the name indicates, earthmoving tractors are especially good at moving a lot of earth. In addition, tractor operation is designed for a range of surface conditions that articulated vehicles can’t handle. An earthmoving tractor can be driven safely on ground that would bog most other vehicles, and earthmoving tractors are strong enough to pull a weighty trailer load.

A quality earthmoving tractor with trailer can pull just as much dirt as a dump truck and will operate in wide-ranging conditions. The lighter weight and extra axle spread of an earthmoving tractor provides a huge advantage on sloping and sodden sites. In addition, an earthmoving tractor has greater traction, allowing access to places other trucks can’t reach. Your tractor will also create less damage to road or trail infrastructure, ultimately keeping repair and maintenance costs down.

High quality earthmoving tractors available from Coates Hire are adaptable and versatile. These tractors can be fitted with various attachments for tractor mower hire, tractor and plough hire, hedge cutting tractor hire and more. Compact tractor hire can cover a lot of bases for construction and maintenance tasks, while also preparing the field for a bumper harvest. The extensive collection of Coates Hire tractor and machinery attachments will give you lots of great project ideas, so it’s worth speaking to a Coates Hire service professional regarding our range of tractors and your specific requirements.

How much does it cost to hire a tractor?
At Coates Hire, our aim is to provide you with highest quality equipment and machinery for the best possible hire rate. The cost will be determined by the type of tractor you hire, additional attachments required, and the duration of hire. We understand that profitability is important, so we provide genuine highest quality equipment for getting your job done fast and on budget. Agricultural equipment hire is the cost-effective means for accomplishing major tasks with minimum outlay. Contact Coates Hire in person, over the phone or online regarding your specific construction, earthmoving or building project.
What are tractor attachments?
There are a lot of incredibly useful tractor attachments worth considering for agricultural and industrial use. In addition to tractors, earthmoving equipment includes bobcats, backhoes, steer loaders and other machinery that can be fitted with scrapers, buckets, drills, post hole diggers and more. With Coates Hire on your side you can expand your building and construction horizons to large scale projects. Earthmoving tractor attachments include:
  1. Quick hitch systems to ensure attachments are quickly and easily fastened
  2. Pallet forks that will help you organise outdoor and indoor warehouse spaces
  3. Heavy duty transport tray with multiple uses on farms, lifestyle blocks and orchards
  4. Posthole digger/auger used for fencing, retaining walls and other structures
  5. Harrow/plough for breaking up pasture, creating firebreaks and preparing the ground
  6. Levelling bar for grading and levelling farm roads and tracks
  7. Mower attachment for covering large lawn areas in a short amount of time
  8. Heavy duty rotary cutter for tough mowing of overgrown areas
  9. Agricultural attachments including seed drills, spreaders and transplanters
Tractors are still the workhorses they always were, and with the addition of attachments from Coates Hire, your tractor’s versatility is dramatically increased.
Where to hire tractors and attachments?
With a superior range of tractors and other heavy machinery, the answer is Coates Hire. Our farm tractor accessories, earthmoving tractors and farm equipment rental rates are all unbeatable for quality and value. You can hire a tractor for a day, a week or a month according to your needs for productivity. If the investment in a new tractor can’t be justified, or you need backup for your fleet of tractors, consider an earthmoving tractor from Coates Hire to fill the gap.

Compact tractor hire is straight-forward, and anyone who can drive a regular vehicle will soon master tractor controls. Whether you require an earthmoving tractor, farm tractor accessories, tractor mower hire, or any other agricultural machinery, Coates Hire has all bases covered. You can even reserve equipment online so it is ready for action whenever you are. Contact your nearest Coates Hire
branch for more information regarding tractor hire and other earthmoving equipment and we will ensure you have the right machine and equipment for your job.