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What is machine control?
Machine Control involves the use of sensors and a display system to provide accurate distances and angles that are relayed to the machine operator. There are various ways machine control systems operate, including 3D real-time display and synching with the machine’s hydraulics. Machine control systems provide a visual guide to blade and bucket position: a big help when sitting way above the action in the earthmover cab.

There are various ways machine control systems collect and relay data. Systems include global positioning satellites (GPS) and universal tracking systems (UTS). A machine control system applies slope, angle and rotation sensors that measure the equipment’s blade or bucket relative to the vehicle and surroundings. There are also many types of machine control system display monitors used for wide-ranging purposes, including as a close-up visual aid, and Coates Hire has the ideal machine control system for your heavy machinery. When it comes to short term use of heavy duty machinery and equipment, the Australia-wide network of Coates Hire centres has you covered.

Are machines always easy to control?
A machine control system works in tandem with trusted machines and equipment such as road scrapers, excavators and other large machinery and vehicles. These systems make inexperienced operators good, and good operators better according to industry experts. Large construction equipment is relatively easy to operate after adequate training, and machine control systems add to the ease and accuracy. With real-time data and accurate positioning systems to assist, machine control operation is a time and money saving option on construction sites.

Machine control systems make it easier to control heavy machinery effectively and safely. The ability to enjoy unobstructed visuals while up in the cab is a great convenience, and sometimes essential. Machine control systems allow the driver to take control, without always having to rely on guidance from workmates on the ground. With a machine control system, all-round visuals are improved, the worksite is safer for everyone, and workmates can get on with other jobs while you get on with yours.

What is 3D machine control?
3D machine control is instantly recognisable by the clear 3D imagery on the operator display panel. The screen image of your excavator attachment provides an accurate and close-up view of the excavator attachment, the excavator itself, and the surrounding landscape. The end result is the ability to dig quicker, safer and more accurately. 3D machine control uses wireless technology to control hydraulic excavators and measures the bucket’s position in real time. Display feedback includes the desired bucket grade and distance from the bucket to the target.
How does GPS control work?
GPS systems have expanded well beyond limited understanding of global positioning systems. Since around the year 2000, GPS systems have become increasingly important in the earthmoving and construction industry. Machine control systems using GPS allow you to accurately grade and camber roads, trails and driveways without time-consuming and expensive surveying with stakes and lasers.

A GPS machine control system will assist a large number of machines, such as motor graders, dozers, scrapers, compactors and hydraulic excavators. With machine control assistance, it is easier to cut and fill the grade without additional reworking of the site. When using machine GPS control assistance, the operator of an excavator or other piece of heavy equipment is always informed where the machine is located on site, and the position of the tool in relation to the final grade and cut.

Where to hire machine control systems?
As Australia’s favourite equipment and machinery hire service, Coates Hire is the obvious answer. We are the number one hire choice for all the right reasons, including an Australia-wide network of branches and more available equipment than anyone else. We are located in major Australian cities, plus many suburbs and regional locations, so you have access to heavy machinery and machine control systems when you need them.

In addition, we have wide ranging earthmoving equipment products available to suit your changing needs. A partnership with Coates Hire means you have fast access to everything, for the best available hire price. Machine control systems are an important consideration for making deadlines and turning a tidy profit, with real-time 3D systems and GPS receivers in favour with progressive builders and developers. You will still require a surveyor for some boundary work, but you won’t need countless stakes to measure every angle when getting ready for grading and shaping the area.

Machine control systems put the driver back in control. Whether you are a solo worker, part of a team, or a fleet owner in need of replacement machinery, earthmoving equipment with machine control technology is available at Coates Hire, ready to help complete your building or construction project.