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Machine Control & GPS Excavator Hire
Machine control has revolutionised the construction industry since its introduction at the turn of the millennium. A GPS excavator, motor grader or roller offers precise grade control to complete earthmoving and compaction tasks faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy to the digital design.

Coates Hires offers the latest GPS and UTS positioning and guidance technology as optional extras when you hire excavators, graders and other compaction and earthmoving equipment. If you have your own equipment, we offer a complete machine control system as a kit for compatible machines. We provide full installation and excavator GPS training if needed.
What is machine control?
Machine control technology can be integrated with various types of construction equipment. Based on GPS or GNSS positioning and 3D design models, machine control gives the grader or excavator operator an accurate visualisation of the area they're working on, for greater control of blades and other equipment. Machine control is also the basis of automation.
Machine control was originally introduced for bulldozers and motor graders, but today this technology has been expanded across a wide range of earthmoving and compaction equipment. A GPS tracking device for excavators, wheel loaders and other equipment can greatly improve accuracy, shorten project times and reduce errors by giving operators a real-time digital design to follow.
How does machine control work?
Machine control is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or Universal Tracking System (UTS). Similar to GPS in a car or smartphone, machine control in construction provides accurate positioning information from satellites to machine operators. Local base stations improve the accuracy of this signal and can create a detailed 3D image of terrain with instructions for operators.

Equipped with 3D GPS/GNSS, an excavator operator can begin digging on a site without the need for time-consuming surveys. Machine control tells them exactly where to dig and how deep to go, updated in real time. UTS machine control and laser systems are also available when finer detail is needed for finishing projects.
Machine control options
Coates Hire offers machine control as an optional extra when you hire compaction and earthmoving equipment Australia-wide, compatible with most brands of GPS base stations. You can also hire GPS kits for use with your own equipment, including displays, radios and receivers.
Excavator machine control - GPS
Our GPS excavator fleet offers 20mm to 30mm vertical accuracy for all types of earthmoving jobs. Complex digital designs can be uploaded to the in-cab display, with tilt bucket displays available for even greater accuracy and productivity. See all GPS excavators
Compaction equipment machine control - GPS 
Improve the accuracy of compaction jobs to 20-30mm with accurate positioning, mass counts and compaction measurements all available at a glance on the in-cab display. Available for drum rollers and other compaction equipmentSee all GPS compaction equipment
Motor grader machine control - GPS
Boost efficiency, reduce survey costs and avoid the need for costly rework with GPS grade control from Coates Hire. These GPS systems offer 20-30mm vertical accuracy and their components can be easily switched with UTS systems for final trimming. See all GPS motor graders
Motor grader machine control - UTS
UTS-equipped motor graders are ideal for final trimming of roads and pads, offering 6mm vertical accuracy. The grader position is calculated by a robotic total station. Operator training and UTS kits are also available for customer-owned machines. See all UTS motor graders
Machine control - lasers
Coates Hire supplies laser-equipped excavators and motor graders as well as laser kits for compatible customer-owned machines. Laser machine control offers greater accuracy for blade elevation and optional cross-slope control. See all lasers
Do I need training to use machine control?
Experienced excavator operators should have no trouble getting to grips with machine control, but training is necessary. Coates Hire offers on-site training to make sure your team is ready to go and that you're getting the full benefits of machine control systems, from uploading designs to reading in-cab displays. See all training courses
Do I need machine control?
Machine control is becoming more widely adopted all the time, but many Australian construction firms are still hesitant to invest in this technology. That's despite the many advantages a GPS tracking device for excavators, motor graders and other machines offers for projects of all sizes. These benefits include:
•          Productivity gains up to 100% in some cases
•          Improved accuracy and consistency, avoiding overcuts and errors
•          Saving time and money on projects
•          Reduced need for surveys, checks and rework
•          Improved safety for workers

Why choose Coates Hire for machine control?
Coates Hire only supplies premium brands of equipment and technology that comply with the latest OHS statutory requirements. Our Silver Service Integrated Equipment Management system ensures that all equipment is maintained to the highest safety standards to minimise risks. If your equipment develops a fault, our nationwide service and breakdown support teams have a fast response time.

Whether you're hiring a GPS excavator, motor grader or compaction equipment, or installing a GPS or UTS kit in your own machines, we'll make sure the system is fully installed and ready to go. We can also offer on-site training for operators if needed.

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