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Electric Submersible Pumps

Code: PUM55-1
Submersible pumps are used in a wide range of situations. Hermetically sealed electric submersible pumps push liquid through the hose and wastewater system, and are used in many industrial and commercial environments. Coates Hire Electrical Submersible Pumps range from 25mm – 200mm for powerful water flow and movement of stubborn impediments.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Pump Submersible 50mm Electric 240V Sludge
Pump Submersible 75/100mm Electric 415V
Pump Submersible 75mm Electric 240V
Pump Submersible 75mm Electric 240V Sludge
Pump Submersible 75mm Electric 415V
Pump Submersible 100mm Electric 415V
Pump Submersible 100mm Electric 415V Sludge
Pump Submersible 150mm Electric 415V
Pump Submersible 200mm Electric 415V
Electric submersible pumps at Coates Hire can be used for dirty water handling, building site dewatering, mining, quarrying, tunnelling and industrial applications. Once placed in position, electric submersible pumps can run indefinitely and require minimal supervision.
How to move the pump on site?
We provide options at Coates Hire. If you like, we can deliver hire equipment to your site location, or onto a trailer or truck for easy transportation. We have the equipment you need.

Where can I hire an electric submersible pump?
Your nearest Coates Hire branch will have the answers. We supply an extensive range of pumping and dewatering equipment so you can continue your project efficiently, effectively and without disruption.

How to hire a submersible pump?
We make it easy at Coates Hire. You can call over the phone, contact us online, or visit a branch for first-hand experience and expert advice. You can even reserve equipment online, so it is ready when you are to tackle a project.
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Electric Submersible Pumps