Air Nut Runners 2000 Nm

Air Nut Runners 2000 Nm Air Nut Runners 2000 Nm
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Air Nut Runners 2000 Nm


Very popular non-impacting pistol grip tool. Utilised in all areas of construction, maintenance, oil and gas, etc. The constant rotation tool is quick and efficient giving an accurate pre-set torque value, making it a potential replacement for impact guns. Supplied with a lubro regulator, hose and fitted with a calibrated air gauge. Maximum output in Nm indicated by the model number (e.g. model PT 1000 Nm). Available in single and two speed auto units.



Air Nut Runners 2000 Nm Specification

"Norbar PT 52/1000 - 3/4'' drive " 200-1000 Nm
Norbar PT 500 - 3/4'' drive 90-500 Nm
Norbar PT 72 - 1''drive 270-1350 Nm
Norbar PT 1000 - 1'' or 3/4'' drive 140-1000 Nm
Rad 10GX - 3/4'' drive 270-1350Nm
Norbar PT 1500 - 1'' drive 300-1500 Nm
" Norbar PT 2000 1'' drive "1000-2000 Nm




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