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Man Lift

Working at heights can be dangerous when using ladders or makeshift scaffolding. If your work involves installations, repairs, maintenance or cleaning at heights, a man lift, or personnel lift is the solution. For avoiding danger and establishing a safe work environment, Coates Hire supplies the best man lifts for every application, so you can complete the task stress-free and safely every time.

What is a ‘man lift’?

Man lifts are another name for personnel lifts and are specially designed to fit through doorways and other tight spaces for performing elevated work in offices, commercial buildings, factories and more. Coates Hire’s man lifts, available in self-propelled and push-around models, are safe, efficient and durable. Man lifts are essential for working at any place with high ceilings. 

Man lifts from Coates Hire are easy to set up and include soft tyres and stabilisers that don’t damage floors. Man lifts elevate vertically for reaching difficult to access places, and include in-basket controls so you can position the work platform exactly where you need it. 
What are the features of a personnel lift?

Personnel lifts are a convenient solution for all types of elevated work functions. They are the cost-effective means for completing work on time and on budget, with features and advantages that include:

  1. Easy to transport
  2. Convenient to load
  3. Fit through standard doorways and narrow aisles
  4. Innovative controls and maintenance-free components
  5. The lightweight alternative to heavy boom lifts, scissor lifts and other access equipment
  6. Coates Hire man lifts are suitable for one or two persons and their tools/equipment
  7. Safety-first work performed at heights without the need for ladders or scaffolding
How high does a man lift go?

Man lifts available at Coates Hire are useful for a huge variety of jobs at heights ranging from 3 metres to 12.1 metres. If high indoor access is required and weight restrictions are at a premium, Coates Hire self-propelled or push around man lifts will give you the workplace advantage.  

For reach up to 7.6 metres, a telework platform – vertical mast boom will fit the bill. With zero emissions, a narrow turning circle and a job that offers a flexible approach, a Coates Hire vertical mast is the perfect solution for all indoor applications. Our man lift options include:
  1. Tele Work Platform – push around: 6.1m – 7.6m
  2. Tele Work Platform – push around: 9.1m – 12.1m
  3. Tele Work Platform – self-propelled: 3.0m – 4.5m
  4. Tele Work Platform – self-propelled: 6.1m
  5. Tele Work Platform Vertical Mast – push around: 7.6m
How much weight can a personnel or man lift take?
Personnel man lifts are light enough to push around and maneuver with ease, yet sturdy and stable for comfortable operation. Man lifts available at Coates Hire are suitable for one or two persons and their tools for convenient working at heights. Our man lifts satisfy all workplace health and safety regulations and are the sensible alternative to climbing up and down unstable ladders while laden with work equipment. You will save time and money while also providing a safe work environment with Coates Hire.

For exact specifications and one and two-man personnel lift weight limits, contact your helpful Coates Hire specialist today. We will make sure you have the right equipment for your aerial man lift requirements.  
Why choose Coates Hire for personnel lifts?

Coates Hire personnel lifts are regularly inspected and serviced to ensure the equipment you hire is in top working order. We are the leading access equipment hire specialists offering rates our competitors can’t match, thanks to our Australia-wide network of Coates Hire depots. For man lift hire in Sydney, Melbourne and all other major cities and regional centres, we have you covered with our safety standard guarantee, 24/7 online service, and same day delivery. At Coates Hire, we take pride in our products that help you get the job done right first time.

How do I hire a man lift?

With Coates Hire centres all around Australia, there is bound to be a branch near you. Use our convenient search function to find your nearest Coates Hire branch, then visit us in person or give us a call over the phone. For additional information about man lifts, personnel lifts, boom lifts, all-terrain scissor lifts and more, contact us via the convenient online enquiry form. You can even reserve equipment for hire so your important workplace functions can carry on without missing a beat.

If you or your man lift operator requires a ticket for working with access equipment at heights, Coates Hire offers one and two-day training programs so your team can get into action in no time. Man lifts available at Coates Hire are simple to maneuver, easy to operate and ideal for a huge range of jobs that can only be completed with versatile and safe access equipment.