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A mini dumper is the convenient way to carry construction materials and move them to a nearby location. As it is smaller in length and width than other machinery, a mini dumper can negotiate spaces other vehicles can’t access for performing a variety of tasks.
What are the advantages of hiring a mini dumper?
There are lots of mini dumpers on the market, but Coates Hire specializes in high performance 800KG tracked mini dumpers. These diesel machines provide strength and power whenever required, without sacrificing smooth manoeuvrability. Ease of use is the main reason mini dumpers are accessible for anyone undertaking a construction job. Construction and landscaping companies utilise mini dumpers daily, for several good reasons.

1. Smaller size: When using a mini dumper, the operator retains 360° visual control, making it easier to navigate and turn in tight areas. A mini dumper is ideal for smaller job sites where ease of manoeuvrability improves job performance and promotes safety.
2. High performance: The tracked tyres of the 800KG Mini Dumper offer unequalled performance over rough surfaces and difficult terrain. High performance is the number one priority for mini dumper functionality, making powerful solutions from Coates Hire the right choice for builders and tradies.
3. Multi-purpose functions: There are always heavy lifting jobs to perform on the building site, and a mini dumper will suit the majority of them. Whether you are locating stonework or pavers, moving garden mulch, or performing a major clean-up, a mini dumper is up to the task. A Coates Hire mini dumper is built for tough outdoor conditions and is ready for work whenever you are.

Will this mini dumper suit my job?
It is always better to have too much power on your side than too little. The 800KG mini dumper is driven by a 10Hp Yanmar diesel engine. This super strong mini dumper can carry up to 800KG of material, making it a favourite with builders, sub-contractors, landscapers and others who require assistance with heavy lifting jobs.

The mini dumper is self-loading, without the need for additional machines to help you accomplish tasks. Everything can be comfortably performed with you behind the controls. If you are able to drive a regular vehicle, you will be able to handle a mini dumper. This user-friendly machine is custom-built for simplified driving and control, with an emphasis on safety.

How do I hire a mini dumper?
The first step is to team up with a highly regarded equipment hire service with scope to support all building, construction and landscaping jobs. At Coates Hire, we facilitate major industry and government projects Australia-wide with the support they need, and our national network of hire branches makes all our equipment accessible to you.

Use the handy website search functions to find a Coates Hire Branch near you. Speak to a service professional directly, or fill out an enquiry form for more details regarding your specific hire choices. You can even reserve equipment online so it is ready for action when you are. Coates Hire has Australia’s most extensive range of equipment and machinery available for hire, and we are located in all major Australian cities and regional centres.
What else should I consider when hiring a mini dumper?
Equipment and machinery hire is designed to make life easier and save time and money at work. If you have a medium or large project, you can avoid backbreaking work by using a mini loader alongside the mini dumper. A mini loader will excavate soil, transform uneven ground and smooth out the surface. When other attachments are included, a mini loader can make post holes, rip soil and more.
How do I care for the mini dumper?
All Coates Hire equipment is checked and cleaned prior to use. Our mini dumpers undergo stringent testing regularly. These mini dumpers are easy to operate and run on diesel fuel. A major advantage of Coates Hire is knowing the equipment you use is in new or as-new condition. The 800KG Tracked Mini Dumper from Coates Hire has exceptional load capacity, plus smooth and reliable tipping mechanisms even on varying surface conditions.

This is the go-to machine for construction and building experts looking for fast solutions, and if you require further guidance, a Coates Hire professional can guide you through the controls and mechanisms. At Coates Hire we prioritise healthy and safe workplaces and a job well done.