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Mini Loaders
You can match productivity with versatility when using a mini loader and strong attachments for performing a wide range of tasks around the jobsite or acreage.
What are mini loaders used for?

A mini loader or will do almost anything a larger bobcat or skid steer loader can do, although a mini loader can’t be expected to perform like a full size digger or grader. There are, however, a huge number of jobs a mini loader/skidsteer can do, and they are used daily in some occupations. Mini loaders are strong, able to carry more than 250kg, and are great for moving rocks, concrete, demolition materials, soil and almost anything else.

Coates Hire offers both diesel powered and petrol powered mini loaders and mini diggers which are tough and compact for narrow spaces and smaller construction sites.
What do mini loader attachments do?
The attachments utilise mini loader Honda engine power for performing numerous functions. Your mini loader can perform like a small tractor, skid steer loader, backhoe, excavator or even a road sweeper. Attachments include the auger for perfect post hole drilling, 3 Tyne Ripper for turning large areas of soil, 4 in 1 bucket attachment for multiple construction site jobs and the wide broom and bucket combination with 2-way sweeping and automatic tipping.
Who hires mini loaders?
Mini loaders or skidsteers are useful of all types of building and construction teams. Even people who hire large loaders and lifting machinery sometimes need smaller equipment solutions for navigating tight spaces with limited access. A mini loader is often the perfect fit.

Mini loaders, also referred to as mini diggers are used by landscape gardeners and outdoor experts who know how to recycle and reuse valuable materials. If machinery breaks down, business owners know they can turn to Coates Hire for a fast turnaround. Mini loaders are also a popular hire item with acreage owners who enjoy getting outside. With a mini loader and attachments, you can complete some important jobs and save a lot of money along the way.

What should I look for in a mini loader?
The mini loader you hire should provide a powerful lift to weight ratio and a supportive centre of balance. Mini loaders can be transported from place to place, so make sure to size it up with your trailer or vehicle. A Coates Hire petrol or diesel-driven mini loader will provide 17.9kW of air cooled power and a lift capacity of 260kg, making it an ideal heavy lifter for tight spaces and narrow access. Advantages of a mini loader include:
  1. Minimal surface impact or disruption
  2. 360 degree driver visibility
  3. Compact and safe design
  4. Excellent lift to weight ability
  5. Economical to operate
The jobsite will dictate mini loader uses, and there are a lot of ways these powerful machines will add value to your project. Varied attachment purposes make mini loaders a multifunctional workhorse for small construction jobs and private landowners. Attachments include:
  1. Post Hole Auger: Easy to attach and simple to operate, the post hole auger can drill holes 100mm diameter and 600mm deep, and even deeper with an auger extension, also available at Coates Hire. A power auger is essential for making multiple holes for sturdy posts, and this auger with mini loader power can cut through clay, rocks and other obstacles with ease.
  2. 4 in 1 Bucket: Your potential for construction productivity increases with a 4 in 1 mini loader bucket. Attach it to the mini loader for use as a bucket, leveller, blade or grab. The bucket will lift 260kg, and the grip, blade and leveller are ideal for surface work in tight spaces.
  3. 3 Tyne Ripper: This ripper means business for ploughing an entire field. Prepare your vegetable, orchard or pasture area using a mini loader and 3 Tyne Ripper once or twice per year, and reap a bountiful harvest.
  4. Broom and Bucket: Clean up debris and litter in a fraction of the time using the broom and bucket attachment. The wide broom has forward and reverse operation, and it swings away when the bucket is emptied, all performed by easy operator controls. Clean up building sites, car parks, sports courts and school grounds the no-fuss way with a mini loader.
What other mini loader hire advantages are there?
With hire equipment, you get the machinery you need when you need it. All Coates Hire equipment and machinery is regularly serviced, and mini loaders and attachments are cleaned and checked prior to every hire. With Coates Hire, you are using new or as-new equipment and machinery in top working order.

If you need equipment in a hurry, or are planning some major projects around the home, contact Coates Hire for the best deals and Australia’s widest range of products available.