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Post Hole Diggers & Attachments
Almost every builder and acreage owner will use a post hole digger, also known as an excavator and Coates Hire has all the post hole digger and attachment solutions you require. Not all excavators are the same, and there are many ways to dig a hole and the suitable choice will depend on several factors.
Choosing the right post hole digger
Before choosing a suitable post hole digger you will need to answer a few questions. What is the soil composition like? What is the terrain like? How many post holes do you need to dig? Can the tool handle the demands of the work? Here are a few excavator varieties to consider.
Manual post hole digger: These diggers employ basic mechanical principles. Simply open the digging jaws, put the blade into the ground, close the jaws, pull dirt out of the hole, and repeat. Simple in theory, but these diggers won’t work in rocky or hard clay soils. They are ideal in soft, sandy soils requiring relatively shallow holes.
1-man-operated post hole digger: This excavator is petrol-powered and suitable for landscaping and fencing jobs. Powerful digging action is achieved with the motorised auger blade, requiring a degree of upper-body strength to control and direct. Best in soils and relatively free from obstructions such as roots or rocks, the 1-man-operated post hole digger is a good option for relatively small and medium jobs.
2-man-operated post hole digger: Twin operated post hole diggers make the work much easier than doing it by hand. The extra person and petrol driven power provide leverage and control for digging holes of even depth and circumference. If you are working with a mate and planning on digging a lot of holes, a 2-man-operated post hole digger could be the right option for you.
Mini loader with post hole digger (auger) attachment: For larger projects with sufficient vehicle access, a hydraulically driven, mechanically powered post hole digger is usually the best way to sink posts. Driving and manoeuvring a mini loader is easy, while the auger attachment is tailor-made to fit in place for powerful drilling action.
Diesel and petrol powered mini loaders available at Coates Hire are made for the job, with the auger attachment capable of drilling holes 600mm deep, and even deeper when using an auger extension. Mini loader augers are popular with builders, landscapers, tradies and other professionals, and will perform admirably around the acreage.
When do I require a mini loader with auger attachment?
If your equipment or machinery has broken down and you need a replacement in a hurry, hire services are the answer. If you believe certain jobs are within your reach, such as building fences and retaining walls, a mini loader with auger attachment will fit the bill. If the soil is rocky, hard, or contains roots and other obstacles, the extra drilling power will make a real difference, saving you time and money while helping to create a superior finished product.
What other equipment should I consider?
If building perimeter fencing or serious retaining walls, you will require some heavy duty assistance along the way. Trees and branches can be easily lopped with a chainsaw and fed into a chipper/mulcher for re-use or disposal. If using a mini loader, it can be fitted with additional attachments that include a 4 in 1 loader bucket that can dig, level, remove and relocate soil. Coates Hire Solutions include all outdoor equipment and machinery suited to developing and maintaining gardens and open spaces.
How to hire a post hole digger?
This is the easy part. Coates Hire has an Australia-wide network of hire centres, with more available equipment than anyone else. We employ professional service assistants and work with industry experts to ensure your hire equipment is in new or as-new condition.

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