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Excavators are available in a range of sizes and used for diverse applications. The Coates Hire range of excavators includes large excavators, mini excavators, bobcat excavators and more heavy-duty machinery. Our unbeatable range of excavators and excavator equipment provides the advantages you need to complete quality work on time and on budget.
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Excavator 11t
Excavator 12t
Excavator 14t
Excavator 20t
Power for 20.3t (kW) 103
Dig Depth for 20.3t (mm) 5710
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Excavator 22t
Power for 22.2t (kW) 103
Dig Depth for 22.2t (kW) 6710
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Excavator 30t
Excavator 35t
ML GPS Receiver
Our extensive excavator range is used by major government partners and private construction and building teams. The smaller mini excavators and bobcat excavators are in demand with operators and tradespersons who appreciate hands-on style for superior finished work. Whether yours is a huge undertaking or small project, Coates Hire has the excavators you require. 
What is an excavator?
Excavators, often called diggers, are heavy duty construction machines with boom, dipper and bucket for powerful earthworks operation. The swivelling cab sits above the undercarriage and the machine is manoeuvred on either wheels or tracks. Excavators are serious workhorses used for many applications.

What is an excavator used for?
An excavator can be used for digging trenches, post holes and foundations. Excavator attachments include claw, cutter and breaker. They can also be used for pile driving, materials handling and general grading/landscaping.

What is the difference between a backhoe and an excavator?
The major difference is the size. Excavators are larger than backhoes and are used to perform tasks beyond the capacity of a backhoe. A 5T excavator with GPS guidance can be used by anyone with an excavator license. 
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