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Excavator Attachments

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Excavator attachments are the means to multiplying excavator versatility. At Coates Hire, we stock a wide range of heavy-duty digging buckets, hydraulic grabs, sieve buckets, augers and more. Increasing productivity is easy with excavator attachments that are quickly fitted and removed. Pair excavator attachments with a tracked excavator and perform major tasks without raising a sweat.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Excavator - Compaction Wheel - 20t - 30t
Excavator - Grab - 20t
Excavator - Hammer 20t
Excavator - Hammer 30t
Auger Bit 250mm/20.0t
Excavator - Ripper
These attachments are easily used by any experienced excavator driver/controller. They are ideal for large construction, earthworks and demolition projects. Excavator attachments are suitable for use by construction workers, demolition teams, urban project developers and more. Excavator attachments make life easier for the entire building and construction crew.
What are excavator attachments?
Excavator attachments are purpose-designed attachments that help you adapt to various jobsite needs. Whether you want to dig foundations, lay pipes, remove rubble, or re-shape the landscape, excavator attachments will get the job done.

What are the types of excavator attachments?
Coates Hire offers a wide range of excavator attachments. Excavator buckets are always in demand, and we supply powerful digging buckets, sieve buckets, hydraulic grabs, rippers, augers and hammers. You can do it all with Coates Hire machinery on your side. 

Where to hire excavator attachments?
With an Australia-wide network of branches, Coates Hire is the obvious answer. We have more hire equipment products than anyone else, at prices our competitors can’t match. Visit us in person or contact us over the phone or online. 
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Excavator Attachments