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Exhaust Fan - Electric 150mm - 300mm

Code: 32600
This small electric exhaust fan is surprisingly powerful. Applications include drying, extracting fumes and ventilation for creating a safe and healthy workplace or other environment. Lightweight, portable and easy to set up on any flat surface, the 150mm – 300mm electric exhaust fan will immediately improve ventilation, reduce heat and humidity, and dry out any room to prevent moisture damage.
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This product is safe to use around the home, at the construction site, or anywhere else requiring adequate ventilation or fume removal. Site the fan near ducting or another exit point for removing dust, odours and other airborne impediments. Health and safety is optimised by using this exhaust fan.
What is an exhaust fan used for?

A small electric fan is invaluable when working in tight spaces with poor ventilation. This unit will extract fumes, smoke and unhealthy air quickly, and will also reduce the build-up of heat and humidity.

How powerful is the small exhaust fan?

This small 150mm-300mm fan is deceptively powerful, boasting 50 cubic feet per minute ventilation fan air movement. Extractor fans are essential for a range of applications, and this small exhaust fan is ideal in smaller rooms. 

Where can an electric exhaust fan be used?

The small exhaust fan can be used almost anywhere. It is lightweight, portable, and set up in moments. This fan will match the extraction capability of wall mount extractor fans and ceiling mounted fans, making it ideal for temporary or part time air extraction support. 
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Exhaust Fan - Electric 150mm - 300mm