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Exhaust Fan - Electric 610mm

Code: 32615
Heavy duty exhaust fan with lifting hook and sturdy wheels for easy movement. This 610mm electric fan has a wide range of applications for construction sites and other premises. Quickly extract, fumes, smoke and other harmful airborne materials, or blow fresh air directly into oxygen deprived areas. Electric power allows the fan to power on all day long for creating a safe and healthy environment.
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This powerful electric exhaust fan is suitable for extracting air. It can also be used to cool and refresh any area. Applications of this exhaust fan include temporary cooling for sports and gymnasium events, rapid smoke and fume extraction during large-scale cooking, and ventilating enclosed areas for tradies and other construction workers.
What is the purpose of an electric exhaust fan?

An electric exhaust fan will ensure dangerous and toxic fumes and other airborne substances are expelled from the work area. This large 610mm electric exhaust fan has the power required for improving air quality in large indoor areas.

In which places can you use the electric exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are particularly useful in garages, workshops and enclosed spaces where people work or gather. In addition to extracting poor-quality air, this electric fan can also blow fresh air into the area. 

Is the electric exhaust fan simple to operate?

All you have to do is plug the fan in, switch it on, and adjust the setting to the desired exhaust fan speed. Coates Hire has an extensive range of heating, cooling and air quality equipment available, so if you require an electric panel exhaust fan, electric chimney exhaust fan, a non-electric bathroom exhaust fan, or any other style, contact us today. 
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Exhaust Fan - Electric 610mm