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Gas Framing Nail Gun 3inch

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This gas framing nail gun is specially designed to drive nails into posts, fences, decks and building frames. Gas power provides impressive force for nailing through tough timbers. The nail gun is lightweight, portable, and free from awkward connections and power leads. A gas framing nail gun is fast to set up and easy to use. Simply adjust nail driving depth, place the gun in position, and pull the trigger.
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This handy gas nail gun is an essential builders tool. It is suitable for use wherever a hammer and nail would normally be used. The 3 inch gas framing nail gun makes light work of heavy hammering, and is suitable for use in small and large building projects. With basic user knowledge, this nail gun is safe and easy to operate.
What is a framing nail gun?

A framing nail gun is the builders tool of choice for completing small and large construction projects. Pneumatic framing nailers are used by countless builders every day around Australia to construct house frames and other wooden structural framing projects.

How to use a framing nail gun?

This pneumatic nail gun uses air compressor power to project 3-inch nails into solid wood framing. These full head framing nailers are also ideally used as a floor stapling gun. Framing sheeting, walls and floors can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional hammer and nails. 

What is the best cordless framing nail gun

As Australia’s favourite hire centre, with more available equipment and machinery than anyone else, Coates Hire is sure to have the best cordless framing nail gun for your job. Check out this versatile framing nail gun and other powerful tools for completing building and construction projects to the highest possible standard.  
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Gas Framing Nail Gun 3inch