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We have a huge range of forklift types available at Coates Hire, including Diesel/LPG/ Dual models with forklift capacity from 1.5t – 15t. These forklifts are ideal for lifting, carrying, stacking, and moving materials over a short distance. Used both indoors and outside, there is bound to be a Coates Hire forklift product that meets your specific workplace needs. All Coates Hire forklifts are new or in as-new condition.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Forklift - 1.5t - 1.8t DieselLPGDual
Forklift - 2.0t - 2.6t Diesel/LPG/Dual
Forklift - 2.0t - 2.6t High Mast Diesel/LPG/Dual
Forklift - 2.5t - 3.5t Rough Terrain 4WD
Forklift - 3.0t - 3.5t Diesel/LPG/Dual
Forklift - 4.0t - 4.5t Diesel/LPG/Dual
Forklift - 5.0t Diesel
Forklift - 5.0t Rough Terrain 2WD
Forklift - 5.0t Rough Terrain 4WD
Forklift - 6.0t - 7.5t Diesel
Forklift - 8.0t Diesel
Forklift - 10t - 12t Diesel
Forklift - 13t - 15t Diesel
Forklifts, also known as pallet trucks or lift trucks, are incredibly versatile machines used in building, warehousing, landscaping and more. Forklift hire is suitable for one-off jobs, machine replacement, or ongoing use for large projects. These are an essential piece of equipment for handling and stacking pallets and can be adapted to your needs using a man cage for elevated work tasks.
What is a forklift?
A forklift is a powered industrial truck that can lift and move pallets and materials over short distances. Machine dimensions enable access through doorways and narrow aisles.

How to drive a forklift?
Forklifts are powerful and weighty, with a stable centre of gravity for safe use. However, there are important guidelines to follow when driving a forklift, particularly in busy environments. Your Coates Hire professional will guide you through the steps.

How to load a forklift on a trailer?
Load a forklift on a trailer using purpose-designed ramps. Ensure the forklift brake is on and the machine is adequately secured for safe transportation. 

Is a telehandler a forklift?
A telehandler is a large rough terrain forklift reach truck with telescopic boom for reaching difficult to access spaces at heights. Enquire today regarding forklift training, forklift license, and other access equipment solution.
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