When was the last time you tested and tagged your electrical tools?

There’s not much that can be done around a site without electrical equipment. But are you aware of just how much wear and tear your tools go through? Even the most reliable gear can unexpectedly break down after a tough day’s work.

Testing and tagging is important for electrical equipment, especially on construction sites, as it can help minimise the risk of injury. Businesses and employers are required to make sure that electrical equipment is tested and tagged in order to manage electrical risks in the workplace.

Coates Hire will test your electrical equipment for faults every Friday at selected branches, FREE until the end of March.*

If your equipment fails the test, we’ll reduce the cost of your hire of a similar product by 50%.*

Testing of equipment will be conducted from 7am to 2:30pm each Friday until the end of March 2019 at selected Coates Hire branches (listed below). See below for full Terms & Conditions.
Participating branches include:   
*Terms and Conditions
1. Testing of equipment will be conducted from 7am to 2:30pm each Friday until the end of March 2019. 2. Testing is only available for 240V electrical equipment which can be carried in a ute or van. All equipment submitted for testing must indicate the Maximum IR Test Voltage. Coates Hire has the absolute discretion to refuse to test any item of equipment where it believes it is unsafe to perform the testing. Testing and tagging of equipment will be conducted by either a licensed electrician or competent person. 3. The 50% cost reduction offer is only redeemable after the item of equipment has been tested and the customer has been advised of the equipment’s failure. The cost reduction is only available on similar products. 4. A customer is only entitled to have a maximum of 5 items of equipment tested during the offer period. 5. Coates Hire is not responsible for loss or damage to any equipment left in its control unless such loss or damage was caused by Coates Hire’s negligence. 6. This offer is only available at selected Coates Hire branches (see www.coateshire.com.au for participating branches). NOTE: Coates Hire will not be held responsible for any damage to the equipment, or for any loss the customer may suffer, which results from insufficient information being provided regarding testing limitations, surge suppressors, filter devices, etc. In these circumstance, further detailed inspection may be required by the relevant OEM. DISCLAIMER: Coates Hire is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer (Loss) unless such Loss was the result of the gross negligence or the wilful act of Coates Hire or its employees. To the extent permitted by law, such Loss is capped to $5,000.

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