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Sander Drywall Gyprock 240V

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Portable, lightweight and incredibly easy to operate, the drywall/gyprock sander is designed for surface sanding, smoothing and cleaning. The sander can also be used on wood, plastic or metal to remove stains and stuck-on impediments. 240V operation, with extended reach for high sanding, this product will assist amateurs and professionals achieve a quality finish on interior walls.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
This product is suitable for painters, builders, handypersons and DIY home-owners. Fingertip control provides fast disk rotation for a superior sanding job. Ideal for heavy sanding jobs, the 240V drywall/gyprock sander is the time and money saving alternative to manual labour, allowing the user to focus on achieving a perfectly smooth surface.
What is a drywall sander?

Specialised equipment is one reason professionals perform superior work, and a drywall sander is one such piece of equipment. A drywall sander provides the reach and flexibility to create an even finish to gyprock on walls and ceilings, so you can create a perfect finish. 

Can I use a drywall sander on wood?

A drywall sander is versatile and safe to use on a variety of surfaces. Electric variable speed drywall sanding pads and sandpaper discs are the time and energy saving alternative to sanding surfaces by hand.

What is a drywall sander used for?

Special drywall sanding pads cut through gyprock using electric sander power. The telescoping handle provides the reach required for sanding high areas. Contact Coates Hire for more drywall sander, dustless drywall sanders and vacuum hose options. 
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Sander Drywall Gyprock 240V