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Generator - Silenced Inverter - 3.9kVA

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Lightweight and energy efficient, the 3.9 KVA silenced inverter generator is the portable power solution. Reliable 4-stroke fuel economy, low emissions and whisper-quiet operation make this unit suitable for use in busy environments. Compact, sturdy and easy to set up, this silenced inverter generator will power up your site in no time.
Steel Cap Boots
This generator is ideal for running small workshop tools and appliances. It is very popular with campers and glampers, being able to run lighting and electronic devices. Great for social events, the 3.9 KVA generator will power PA systems, music players and more.
What is an inverter generator?

Inverter generators have become popular during the past decade. Inverter generators create electrical energy using electromagnetic induction and then convert the energy into safe single-phase power using an inverter. They are great for running distribution boards, and this silenced inverter generator has fuel tank capacity to keep on top of the workload.

How does an inverter generator work?

An inverter generator produces additional electrical energy per rotation, although not in a form that can be used directly. Raw energy is initially transformed into DC power that an invertor generator turns into AC power. This 3.9kva silenced inverter generator is portable, sturdy and easy to operate for use with power tools and other electrical devices. 

Are inverter generators quieter?

The power from a silenced generator is ultra-clean, and in a form that is suitable for use with sensitive electronic equipment, heavy power tools and other gear. With a silenced inverter petrol generator, the engine speed varies according to demand being asked of it, ultimately reducing noise and fuel consumption. Contact Coates Hire for the best inverter generator short term and long-term hiring rates available.
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Generator - Silenced Inverter - 3.9kVA