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Generator- Silenced Inverter - 7kVA

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Quiet, portable and incredibly versatile, this powerful 7 KVA generator can run heavy-duty tools and construction equipment. 4-stroke petrol power provides fuel economy and low emissions. Sturdy wheels, handles and large petrol tank makes this the go-to product for worksite productivity. Silent inverter technology, simple recoil and easy-start all add to the equation.
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The 7 KVA silenced inverter generator is ideal for commercial, industrial and construction applications. Whisper-quiet operation also makes it a great camping/getaway accessory. This generator can run frequency sensitive electronic devices as well as a wide-range of light and heavy power tools.
What can 7kva generator power?

This 7kva invertor generator can run a wide range of construction equipment and domestic appliances. The silenced generator is handy in areas subject to noise restrictions, although it can provide power for electric jackhammers, drills and other heavy-duty gear. 

How many watts does a 7kva generator produce?

A 7kva generator produces 5600 Watts using 4-stroke petrol power. This silenced invertor generator is compact, sturdy and efficient, making it the go-to option for builders and tradies requiring short or long-term generator hire. 

What are the applications of a 7kva petrol generator?

The 7kva petrol generator is adaptable. It can provide single phase power for the workplace, and is equally useful while settling into a new home. Generator hire is the quick-fix power source during blackouts, with the best inverter generator options available at Coates Hire. Finding your nearest branch is easy using our online search tool, so get in touch today regarding your equipment and machinery needs.
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Generator- Silenced Inverter - 7kVA