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Generator Accessory Hire

To get generator power where it's needed on your site, you'll need the right equipment. Without the right generator parts and accessories, your portable or inverter generator may not do everything you need it to, and this will impact on productivity.

Coates Hire supplies all the generator accessories you need to get set up and powered in any location. Whether you need a distribution board, load bank or cables, your local Coates Hire branch will make sure you're good to go!

What can a generator be used for?

Generators supply electricity in places where no mains power is available, or function as an emergency backup supply so operations won't be interrupted in the event of a power outage. Generators come in all sizes, from briefcase-sized portable generators to energy-efficient inverter generators and large container-style generators.
When you
hire a generator from Coates Hire, we'll ask what you're planning to run off it and how many connections are required so we can make sure your generator kit includes the essential accessories you need.

What are the must have generator accessories? 

The specific accessories you need to hire will depend on your situation. Some of the most common items are:

  • Distribution boards – if your generator isn’t hard-wired, you'll need a distribution board to supply power to various equipment. These can be configured with as many outlets as you need.
  • Transfer switches – if you're using your generator as a backup power supply, a manual or automatic transfer switch will turn the generator on and off in case of a power outage.
  • Extension cords – if you need to supply power over distance, choose an extension cord of the right length and amp specification for your equipment.
  • Generator covers – if there's a risk of your generator being damaged by construction activity or the elements, a generator cover will offer protection. A silenced canopy can reduce generator noise.
  • Voltage regulators – make sure your equipment is protected from power surges by adding a voltage regulator to your generator hire.
  • Remote start – to make using your generator as convenient as possible, choose a generator with remote start operation.

Fuel tanks – keep your generator running for longer before needing to refuel with extra petrol or diesel fuel tanks.
Generator maintenance kit – generators are low-maintenance, but you can make sure you're prepared with a maintenance kit that includes replacement air filters, spark plugs and other parts and accessories.

What generator accessories are available from Coates Hire?

Coates Hire supplies a wide selection of generator parts and accessories. Your local branch will make sure you have everything you need to get up and running and stay running.

Distribution boards - We supply distribution boards and outlets in multiple configurations to meet different power requirements. Let us know how many connections and what amp specification you need so we can match you to the right solution. 
See all distribution boards

Cables and cable accessories - We have power cord, extension cord and cable sets to match all sizes of generator up to 1250kVA. Let us know how many cables you need, how long they need to be and whether you want single or double insulated cables. We also supply cable accessories including link boxes and protectors. See all cables and accessories

Fuel tanks - Our generator fuel tanks are specially designed for our fleet of generators, so you can be sure of a perfect match for simple refuelling. We can advise you on the right size tank for your power needs and we can also provide a refuelling service to your location. See all fuel tanks

Other accessories - Whether you need a load bank, switchboard or spare generator parts, find them in our range of miscellaneous accessories. See all accessories

Do I need a licence to use generator accessories?

Our team can help you to set up and connect your generator and accessories so you won't have to worry about maintenance. Plug-in loads and leads do not require a licence, but you do need an electrical licence if you're wiring a generator yourself.

How to choose generator accessories

If you're not sure what generator parts you need, talk to your local Coates Hire branch. We'll ask about your site or project to help us determine your need for distribution boards, cables and everything else. Some of the information we'll need to know is:

·  What will you be running off the generator?
·  How many hours will the generator be in operation?
·  What current (in amps) does your equipment use?
·  Will your generator be hard wired? (If not, you will need a distribution board).
·  If you need outlets, how many and what size and pin configuration do you need?
·  How many cables do you need and how long do you need them to be?
·  Do you need a generator cover?
·  Do you need cable covers?

Why choose Coates Hire for generator accessories?

Coates Hire is a reliable supplier of generators and accessories Australia wide for all sizes and types of projects and events. All equipment we hire meets the latest environmental and OH&S requirements.

Our specialist knowledge of our equipment and accessories means we can always provide you with exactly what you need. We also have dedicated support teams in your area who can get your generator set up so it's ready to go.

To get a quote for generator accessories hire or ask any questions, call our team on 13 15 52, send an online enquiry or
visit your nearest branch.