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Portable Generator Hire
Portable generators keep power tools and light construction equipment running through power outages or when you’re on a remote site with no access to the grid.
These compact and lightweight units are easy to move wherever they’re needed with no fuss. They can supply all the electricity required for small to medium power applications or as a supplement to larger power generators.

Coates Hire has an extensive range of portable diesel generators for hire in sizes from 1–36kVA to power equipment up to a combined 28kW.
Talk to your local branch about your power distribution requirements and we’ll recommend the best portable generator for your needs with built-in safety features and effortless operation.
What size portable generator do I need?
It's essential that the portable generator you hire is large enough to provide the power you need for as long as you need it. An overpowered generator is also a problem, as it risks damaging your equipment and using too much fuel.
Portable generators are available in a range of sizes, from small briefcase-type units for power tools and laptops up to larger trailer-mounted generators capable of powering small construction equipment. To determine your power distribution needs, your supplier needs to know:
- the total electrical load of the equipment you need to power (W or kW)
- how long the generator will be running during the day

If you're hiring your equipment and generators from Coates Hire, we'll calculate the optimal generator size for you.
What is the best portable generator for your needs?
Portable generators come in a range of sizes and types, suited to different applications. The one we offer are:
Briefcase-type generator (1–2kVA)
With their lightweight and easy to carry design, these generators are ideal for use around the home, in workshops, on campsites and for tradies on the job. They feature sound-reducing canopies for quiet running and inverter technology for energy-efficient operation. Power output up to 1000W for small tools, laptops and camping equipment. See all briefcase generators
Invertor generator (4.3kVA)
Sound-reduced and using inverter technology for quiet and efficient operation, these compact generators also incorporate automatic voltage regulators to reduce fluctuations. Power output up to 3000W for larger power tools, lighting, PA systems, food vans and consumer electronics, among other uses. See all invertor generators
Rollframe-type generator (3–9kVA)
Protected by a heavy-duty rollframe with wheels and handles for ease of mobility, these unsilenced petrol and diesel generators are fitted with earth leakage protection to ensure electrical safety. Power output up to 7000W for high-current power tools and appliances, electric jackhammers, hot water units, pumps and welders. See all rollframe-type generators
Trailer-mounted portable generator (11–36kVA)
The largest type of portable generator we offer, trailer-mounted generators have a large fuel tank to keep them running for longer and can be driven wherever they're needed. Featuring silenced canopies and multiple outlet configurations, these portable diesel generators can power a variety of construction equipment up to 28,000W. See all trailer-mounted generators
How do portable generators work?
A portable generator works the same way as a standard generator. Fuel (or sunlight in the case of a portable solar generator) drives a motor that generates electricity. This is delivered to devices and equipment through cables and generator accessories.

The difference is that portable generators are not fixed in place and are light enough to be moved where they're needed.
How to use a portable generator
It's essential that operators have full instruction in how to safely use a generator before it's turned on. Regardless of their size, power generators should be used outdoors and far away from buildings. The generator should have a full fuel tank before you begin.

Different generators have different ways of operating. Coates Hire supplies generators with simple recoil start or
key-start to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. We also provide a maintenance service to refuel your generator and carry out servicing if you need it.

Do I need a licence to use a silenced generator?
You need to be a qualified electrician to install electrical wiring between a generator and the load, but day-to-day operation does not require certification. Our technicians can get your generator set up on your site and we'll train your team in how to use it safely and efficiently.
Why choose Coates Hire for portable generators?
Coates Hire has one of the largest ranges of portable generators and other generators for hire in Australia, available nationwide. We supply high quality equipment that's designed to stand up to whatever you need it to, in the toughest work conditions.

Our local experts can also pass on their knowledge, so you and your personnel will know how to get the most out of your generator. For more information about portable generator hire or other enquiries, get in touch today on 13 15
52, drop us an email or
find your nearest branch.