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Rumble Grids

Code: TRA122-2
Rumble grids are a heavy duty corrugated driving surface used at construction sites to remove dirt from the tyres and underside of trucks and other vehicles. Rumble grids keep nearby pathways and roads free from unwanted dirt and debris, creating a safer and cleaner work site.
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Model / Size
Rumble Grid - 3.0M x 2.4M
Rumble Grid - 4.0M x 2.15M
Rumble Grid - 4.0M x 2.25M
Used primarily at entry/exit points of construction sites, particularly where earthworks or building works have disrupted underlying dirt and mud. These grids gently vibrate vehicles and are designed with optimum rumble grid specifications to maximise the amount of dirt and debris removed.
What is a rumble grid?
Similar in appearance to a cattle grid, truck rumble grids remove dirt and caked-on mud from tyres and underside of large trucks and other vehicles. Dirt and debris remains onsite where it belongs, instead of becoming scattered on nearby roadways and footpaths. 

Why use a rumble grid?
Truck rumble grids assist in keeping construction sites safer for workers and visitors. They also keep local roads free of dirt and mud that could otherwise create a driving hazard. Rumble grids are specifically designed to gently vibrate vehicles for optimum removal of dirt and mud.

Where to hire a rumble grid?
As Australia’s favourite equipment and machinery hire service, Coates Hire is the obvious answer. Our network of hire depots extends to all major Australian cities and regional centres, with rumble grids, traffic management equipment and all other gear available near you. 
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Rumble Grids