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Hand lamps

Code: LIG48-5
These hand-held fluorescent lamps are ideal for illumination in dark and difficult to access spaces. Coates Hire offers a range of lightweight splash and spray resistant hand lamps. A rechargeable LED handlamp features robust construction for a wide range of industrial hand lamp applications. For hand lamps and all other lighting equipment applications, contact Coates Hire.
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Model / Size
Fluorescent Lead Light 240V
Fluoro Light 32V Electrical 900mm
Fluoro Light Electrical 32V 400mm
Fluoro Light Electrical 32V 700mm
Fluoro Light Electrical 240V 600mm
Fluoro Light Electrical 240V 900mm
Quality Coates Hire handlamps are suitable for use in zones 21 and 22 where there are ignitable concentrations of combustible materials. Hazardous area workers appreciate rechargeable hand lamp solutions for a safe work environment.
What are hand lamps?

Hand lamps are portable LED lights encased in a polycarbonate protective tube.

What are the industrial applications of hand lamps?

Hand lamps are ideal in difficult to access areas. They are used for close-up inspections and a range of other applications where portable and safe illumination is required. 

What are the hand lamp models available?

Coates Hire offers an extensive range of hand lamps. 240V and 32V models are available, ranging in length from 400mm to 900mm.

Where can I hire hand lamps?

With an Australia-wide network of hire depots, Coates Hire is the obvious choice. Visit us in person or reserve high power industrial hand lamp equipment online so your project can run smoothly.
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Hand lamps