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Space Heater LPG 130000 BTU

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Specially designed to warm large areas quickly, this 130000 BTU fan-forced gas heater has wide-ranging applications in the workshop and on construction sites. Perfect for drying non-flammable areas and coatings, this space heater is also great for taking the chill out of the air during cool weather social occasions. This product can be used indoors and outside, with the rapid warming capability immediately noticeable.
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
The LPG space heater is suitable for fast warming and drying of targeted areas. Particularly useful during cold weather, the 130000 BTU heater is great for drying building work, non-flammable materials, paint, cement render and flooring. It is also ideal for warming people during chilly weather and is popular with builders, tradespersons and other outdoor/indoor workers.
What is a space heater?

A space heater is a large and powerful heating unit with fan. Space heaters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use in cold weather, and are the secret behind successful winter functions and festivities. These huge electric fan heaters are also invaluable on building sites wherever quick drying is called for. 

Are space heaters dangerous?

Space heaters emit powerful heat, and it isn’t advisable to stand to close. Any children in the vicinity should be supervised and monitored for safety’s sake. However, when used properly, space heaters are perfectly safe, and space heater hire is money well spent.

Are space heaters expensive to run?

Gas heater and electric fan heaters pump out immediate heat, making them the ideal temporary heating solution. Space heater hire is perfect for short term hire, and will transform a drab and cold experience into a festive and comfortable occasion. Coates Hire services are the solution to your building, construction and leisure needs. 
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Space Heater LPG 130000 BTU