Coates Hire is serious about Work Health & Safety, and the environment. We want you to work with us to comply to Industry Standards. This induction process gives everyone a common understanding of our expectations.
New Contractors
“Effective management of safety and health is essential to the mutual successes of Coates Hire and our Contractors. The Coates Hire Contractor Safety procedures were developed to ensure safe and healthy outcomes from our partnerships. We will support our contractors in meeting our safety and health standards.”
Martine Briers Group Manager - HSEQ, Coates Hire
The engagement of contractors at Coates Hire involves the following steps:
  • Companies are invited to be complete a pre-qualification process.
  • Service personnel who will complete work unsupervised will be invited to complete an online induction.
  • When contractors enter a Coates Hire site they will also need to have a short site induction to inform them of unique site characteristics and safety arrangements.
  • Coates Hire will monitor the performance and behaviours of contractors to ensure safety standards are being met. This provides an opportunity for our contactors to provide feedback to Coates Hire.
  • To start the online training, click the Start Contractor Induction button below.