At Coates Hire safety comes first. It underpins everything we do. After all, helping to build a better future isn’t possible without ensuring the safety of everyone involved.
It’s our mission to set the benchmark for everyone from our team to our customers. It’s our aim to create a workplace that’s both injury and incident free and do everything we can to ensure the safety of all we come into contact with.


Coates Hire operates a Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality management system across all Australian operations. Coates Hire has certification of the system for its Belmont, Dandenong, Meadowbrook, Moorebank and Mascot locations. The scope of the management system and certification are available to interested parties upon request

The behaviours we all choose

    I will only attend my workplace when I am wearing appropriate PPE, I am fit for work and able to perform my work.
    I will only undertake work if I am trained or deemed competent to complete the task and have a valid permit, if required.
    If I see a risk, I have the authority to stop the work, speak up and help fix it.
    I will always seek to eliminate manual handling by assessing the load and use lifting aids. I will always use the correct lifting techniques.
    I will stop and think before starting any unfamiliar task including changes to my environment and assess the risk.

The commitments  we all live by

    I will always adhere to all road rules, manage my own fatigue and ensure my vehicle is safe to drive.
    I will follow load/ unload procedures and use physical barriers to keep equipment segregated from people.
    I will verify load dimensions, weight, ensure suitability of the transport vehicle and apply appropriate load restraints.
    I will always apply lockout/ tag out, release stored energy and verify isolation before working on any plant or equipment.
    I will always work at height with appropriate fall protection or fall prevention in place.

Silver Service Maintenance System

At Coates Hire we understand the importance of reliability to your business.
With over 1 million assets to manage, reliability is at the centre of what we do. That’s why we’ve invested significantly in ensuring that our maintenance programs are second to none. Developed by our expert service teams, the Coates Hire Silver Service program sets the industry benchmark for equipment maintenance programs, here’s why:
  • Clear Service History
    Every Coates Hire machine carries a printed service sticker detailing the machine's service program, when and where the machine was serviced and who it was serviced by.
  • Logbooks
    We also produce a range of logbooks to enable operators to “safety check” the equipment before use, as well as record any faults that might have been found.
  • Important Instructions
    For small plant, we supply Operating and Safety Instruction sheets at Branch level to advise the customer how to operate the equipment safely.

Important Documents