The skid steer loader (bobcat) is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment there is. Whether you work in construction, landscaping or agriculture, you'll find endless time-saving uses for this Swiss army knife of the earthmoving family – as long as you choose the right attachments.
From digging and lifting to sweeping up, here are some of the most useful skid steer attachments you need to know about.


When you hire a skid steer loader, it's usually supplied with a general purpose bucket that already combines multiple tools in one. This attachment can dig, load, grapple and act as a light bulldozer, and you won't find a finer wheelbarrow.


If you need to dig a hole for fence posts, footings, plants or any other reason, a skiddy with an auger drive will give you the power and precision you need, even in tough soil. Auger bits are available in 300-600mm diameters and can usually dig up to 1.8m (6 feet), but extensions are available if you need extra depth.


Whether you need a trench for drainage or laying cables and pipes, trencher attachments will take care of it in no time. Skid steer loader trenchers are 1200mm in diameter as standard. If you need something bigger, consider a mini excavator.

If you need to move pallets every day, you're probably better off with a dedicated forklift truck. But for one-time or occasional lifting, a bobcat with a fork can do the job just as well. You can choose a pallet fork for stacking goods or an all-purpose fork for lumber, bales, manure and anything else you feel like poking.

Brush cutters

Whether you're clearing a path through overgrown fields or maintaining a lawn and hedgerows, brush cutter attachments make quick work of grass and weeds. Just be sure to inspect the area first, as unseen stones and thick branches could damage the rotary blades.


If there's some bumpy ground that needs flattening out, or you're preparing soil for a lawn or seed bed, landscaping rakes can break up, grade and level soil all at once. They'll also remove and collect rocks, roots and other solid objects.


Someone's got to clean up at the start or end of the work day, and a skid steer loader with broom attachments makes sweeping paths and factory floors a relaxing task. Utility brooms can handle heavy-duty environments, picking up stones and debris and controlling dust.

Other attachments

Those may be the most common skid steer attachments, but there are plenty more available to handle all sorts of specific tasks, from dozer blades, drum rollers and hammers to crane jibs. Your equipment hire company can recommend the best attachments for your needs.

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