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Hydraulic Torque Wrenches - Cassette Drive (Low Profile)

Ideal for applications in tight spaces where conventional square drive units will not fit. Cassette style tool is ideally suited to tasks where studs protrude through the nuts making it difficult to use square drive units.

• Select an appropriate cassette size, then choose a matching power head
• Requires either air or electric torque pump

Safety Boots
Safety Goggles
"Drive Unit Model No.""Hex. Size (mm)""Nose Radius H (mm)""Interchangeable Head Model No.""G (mm)""Weight (kg)""Hex. Size (inch)""Nose Radius H (mm)""Interchangeable Head Model No.""G (mm)""Weight (kg)"
"W2000 (2712Nm)"3231W210453.71.91 1/431W210453.71.9
3631W210753.71.91 7/1631W210753.71.9
4133.5W211058.221 5/833.5W211058.22
4636.5W211360.521 13/1636.5W211360.52
5541.8W220368.62.12 3/1641.8W220368.62.1
"W4000 (5423Nm)"5544W420373.43.82 3/1644W420373.43.8
6046.5W420670.63.92 3/846.5W420670.63.9
6549.5W420976.23.92 9/1649.5W420976.23.9
7052.5W421278.342 3/452.5W421278.34
7555.5W421581.64.12 15/1655.5W421581.64.1
8058.5W430283.54.23 1/858.5W430283.54.2
"W8000 (10846Nm)"7056W821284.87.82 3/456W821284.87.8
7558W8215857.82 15/1658W8215857.8
8060.5W830289.57.93 1/860.5W830289.57.9
8566W8085M92.28.13 1/266W8308192.28.1
9074W8090M102.98.73 7/874W8314I102.98.7
"W15000 (20337Nm)"8064.5W1530292.913.73 1/864.5W1530292.913.7
8569.5W15085M96.6143 1/269.5W15308I96.614
9075W15090M101.814.43 7/875W15314I101.814.4
9575W15095M101.814.54 3/1680.5W15403103.114.5
10580.5W15105M103.114.74 1/480.5W15404I103.114.7
11587.5W15115M114.815.34 5/887.5W15410I114.815.3
Drive Unit Model No:Hex Cassette RangeMax. Torque at 700 barMin. Torque
W2000 or RSL236-5517/16-23/1627122000271200
W4000 or RSL455-8023/16-31/854234000542400
W8000 or RSL670-9523/4-37/810.84680001084800
W15000 or RSL14 80-11531/8-45/820.3371520331500
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Hydraulic Torque Wrenches - Cassette Drive (Low Profile)